What is the correct spelling for TOEACH?

If you've come across the misspelling "toeach", fear not! A couple of possible correct suggestions could be "to each" or "teach". The former indicates distribution or division, while the latter refers to imparting knowledge. Ensure clarity in your writing by using the appropriate spelling based on the intended meaning.

Correct spellings for TOEACH

  • beach I love to walk along the beach during sunset.
  • coach The coach made some changes in the team's formation to improve their performance.
  • each Each student in the classroom is required to bring a book to the meeting.
  • leach The chemicals from the landfill began to leach into the nearby groundwater.
  • peach I love the juicy and sweet taste of a perfectly ripe peach in the summertime.
  • poach Poach eggs is a popular activity in which hard-boiled eggs are gently heated in water, then removed just before they
  • reach I can't seem to reach the top shelf in the kitchen without a stool.
  • teach My goal is to teach you how to speak French fluently.
  • tech I love learning about new tech innovations.
  • tench She enjoyed fishing for tench in the river.
  • torah Torah is the binding law of Judaism.
  • torch The hiker carried a bright torch to light their way through the dark forest.
  • touch I can't seem to touch the stars with my fingers.