What is the correct spelling for TOFACE?

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Correct spellings for TOFACE

  • dace Away by the old mill-bridge there were fishermen angling for dace and perch; but when the shout came down from the London road they dropped their poles and ran, through the willows and over the gravel, splashing and thrashing among the rushes and sandy shallows, not to be last when the players came.
  • deface Thus the children could see the letters and words under the horn, but were not able to deface or tear the paper.
  • defaced Time had defaced them.
  • efface When the editor had been made aware of the injurious effect of his objections, he hastened to efface it by accepting the tale without further delay.
  • face How could he face that Nina?
  • farce But I haven't got the sort of feeling-love, I mean-I don't know what to call it"-she looked vaguely towards the horizon sunk under mist-"but, anyhow, without it our marriage would be a farce -" "How a farce ?"
  • faze His handkerchief dampened "to wibe the faze ," two bits of wet paper "to plug the noztril',"-he could allow no more!
  • force He'll hardly force his way into the house, and she isn't going out."
  • office I had just left the publisher's office .
  • outface Though we match not the dead men that bore us At a song, at a kiss, at a crime- Though the heathen outface and outlive us, And our lives and our longings are twain- Ah, forgive us our virtues, forgive us, Our Lady of Pain.
  • reface
  • surface I was at the surface , breathing.
  • tease Now, Roger, if you're going to tease I'll get some one else to teach me.
  • terrace The Church of our Saviour is perhaps one of the finest as it is also the most modern cathedral in the country, its snow-white walls, capped by five golden domes, being the most prominent object to meet the eye as one looks at the city from the high terrace of the Kremlin.
  • toff "Want to make a toff of me.
  • toffee To sit so comfortably and privately in chairs that twisted round, so that if a passenger should start staring at Anna-Felicitas one could make her turn her back altogether on him; to have one's feet on footstools when they were the sort of feet that don't reach the ground; to see the lovely autumn country flying past, hills and woods and fields and gardens golden in the October sun, while the horrible Atlantic was nowhere in sight; to pass through towns so queerly reminiscent of English and German towns shaken up together and yet not a bit like either; to be able to have the window wide open without getting soot in one's eyes because one of the ministering angels-clad, this one, appropriately to heaven, in white, though otherwise black-pulled up the same sort of wire screen they used to have in the windows at home to keep out the mosquitoes; to imitate about twelve, when they grew bold because they were so hungry, the other passengers and cause the black angel to spread a little table between them and bring clam broth, which they ordered in a spirit of adventure and curiosity and concealed from each other that they didn't like; to have the young man who passed up and down with the candy, and whose mouth was full of it, grow so friendly that he offered them toffee from his own private supply at last when they had refused regretfully a dozen suggestions to buy-"Have a bit," he said, thrusting it under their noses.
  • tofu
  • topaz Gabriel went with her to the rickety shed where Topaz was to spend the night, but the dog was loath to enter.
  • trace For two years from that date, all trace of her history was lost.
  • tracer The Tracer regarded him very gravely.
  • tracy "And I," said Tracy , better up to the mark by this time, "I think of you, you dear little woman, that I ought to be grateful to you, for, by heaven!
  • trice In a trice the lights grew small and were gone, and the two were left standing side by side in the darkness.
  • truce John Postell, when charged with a flag of truce to Georgetown, and complaining of the same as a breach of the law of nations.
  • twice I was there twice -one-half hour each time.
  • typeface
  • Defacer
  • Togas On the balcony, decorated with statues which surrounded the colonnade of the Pantheon on which the cupola rested, she saw Caracalla, and at a respectful distance a superb escort of his friends, in red and white togas, bordered with purple stripes, and wearing armor.
  • Sofas
  • Tomas
  • Tracey
  • Traci
  • Tracie
  • defaces This is a right royal sport, and as in Portugal the horrid cruelty which defaces it in Spain is absent, there is no overwhelming reason why the women should not sit and applaud the picturesque scene and the exhibitions of pluck and agility shown by the performers.
  • taffies Among the tinsel was festooned the pop-corn, while from every bending branch and stem hung apples and oranges supplied by the teacher, colored bags of candy and bright cornucopias given by the cattleman, sorghum taffies -on-a-stick made by the neighbor woman, while eggs, colored in gaudy and grotesque patterns by boiling them in pieces of calico, were suspended in tiny cunning willow baskets that testified to the nimble fingers of the Dutchman's wife.
  • toffees
  • doffs
  • dirty-dealing
  • foul-up
  • illdisposedness
  • illdisposednesses
  • fifty-pound
  • much-praised

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