What is the correct spelling for TOGUHT?

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Correct spellings for TOGUHT

  • court Sir Thomas and his Lady are sent for up to Court ; and of what happened at that Time.
  • doughty "Then-to bed, oh, doughty copy-hunter.
  • doughy When the sac contains only the peritoneum it has a doughy feel, but when it is formed by a portion of the bowel it is more elastic on pressure.
  • drought I never saw vegetation so checked by drought .
  • duct It is just beyond where the pancreatic duct reaches the intestine in both animals that the digestion of fat begins.
  • dugout He began to give orders hurriedly; the dugout was brought up to the landing, and he waved Pocahontas and her maidens in with scant ceremony.
  • gout I'm to take less sugar because of gout .
  • gut If the means mentioned fail to release the imprisoned portion of the gut , then an incision about 4 inches long must be made in the right flank in a downward direction, the hand introduced into the abdomen, the situation and condition of swelling exactly ascertained, and then a probe-pointed knife inserted between the imprisoned bowel and band compressing it, and turned outward against the band, the latter being then cautiously divided and the imprisoned gut allowed to escape, or, if necessary, the bowel should be drawn gently from its position into the abdomen.
  • nougat Well, I gave her nougat and cheap cynicisms, and she allowed herself to be comforted!
  • rotgut Bendemeer, trader, philanthropist, and purveyor of rotgut , was one of those unclassed growths of the South Seas that almost constitute a new racial type.
  • tact I saw that it would require all my tact and care to make this evening a success, and I determined that it should be one for her.
  • target When you shoot a load of shot at a duck, and the bird comes tumbling down, you do not bother to ask which particular shot it was that hit the target .
  • taught He had been taught to do all sorts of things.
  • taut Desperation made Kenniston's voice taut .
  • tight Virginia did not answer, but reached out for her father's hand and held its fingers locked tight in her own.
  • tog What's become of your tog -a-ree?
  • toga The latter was regarded as the Roman Menander:- Dicitur Afrani toga convenisse Menandro.
  • togged "Down they come to Lemon County, a lot of those New York beauties, men and women, togged out so properly you'd think they'd spent their whole lives in the huntin' field; but at the first obstacle you'd see their faces go white as their stocks, and then all over you they'd ride from tail to ears, their arms sawin' at your mouth fit to rip your under jaw off, like they thought it was a backin' contest they were entered for.
  • togo Fifteen minutes after the last Russian battleship had been slapped on the cross-trees Uncle Peter had a letter written to Togo .
  • togs I shall see myself setting in that wagon in my new togs waiting for that train to blow-I'll see that sickening sight till I draw my last whiff of air.
  • tongued The Emperor never permitted any dancing at Court which was not up to a high standard of excellence, and all who sought to dance were compelled to pass before the critical eye of the sharp-tongued old lady in her stiff silken gown.
  • tonight The river police were to have a cutter here tonight .
  • toot "I met him first," said the girl, "at Willie Morland's tea, last week, and to-day I found him at Mrs. Bevidge's altruistic toot ."
  • toque She was wearing her black dress and the toque with the high feather.
  • tort "'Les absents ont toujours tort ,'" quotes she, in a low, significant tone.
  • tot When the luncheon gong sounded from the big house, and Dot left Tot to obey the summons, she said to him, "Tomorrow I will bring a basket of sandwiches and cake, and we'll have a picnic down by the river bank."
  • tout He who gets into another's heart with understanding, will find it impossible to indulge in wholesale blame-"tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner."
  • trout Soon there would not be enough water in it to make it safe for a trout as large as he.
  • tuft Here Master Simon made a pause, pulled up a tuft of flowers, threw them one by one into the water, and at length, turning somewhat abruptly upon me, asked me if I had ever been in love.
  • yogurt 4. Most people who are allergic to foods are allergic to one or more of the following: corn, wheat, milk and cheese, yogurt , meat, alcohol, tobacco.
  • Caught I caught the last two words.
  • Tut Tut, man; we shall have to look farther afield than that.
  • togaed

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