What is the correct spelling for TOHST?

If you're trying to spell "tohst" but it's not coming out right, don't worry! It's likely a simple typo. The correct spelling you're aiming for is "toast". Just switch the "h" and "o" around and you'll have it perfectly. Enjoy your delicious crispy bread!

Correct spellings for TOHST

  • cost I need to calculate the cost of the project.
  • Dost "Dost thou prayest for thy enemies?" asked the monk.
  • host The host of the party greeted us warmly at the door.
  • HST The HST is coming!
  • lost She lost her wedding ring in the sink.
  • most I cannot believe that she would do anything that would make me most unhappy.
  • oust The shareholders are calling for a special meeting to oust the current CEO.
  • post I will post the photos later.
  • taoist The Taoist philosophy emphasizing living in harmony with the natural world is one aspect of ancient Chinese culture which remains popular today.
  • test I need to study and review my notes for the upcoming history test.
  • toast I'll toast you with a glass of wine!
  • toasts She raised her glass and led the group in toasts to health, happiness, and success.
  • toasty The toasty oven felt nice and warm.
  • TOES I have to get new toes done.
  • toot I heard a loud toot when the truck passed by.
  • TORS The Toyota RAV4 TORS is the most advanced 4x4 available.
  • torso I have a perfect torso.
  • tort The plaintiff is claiming that the defendant committed a tort when they knowingly neglected to fix the dangerous pothole on their property.
  • toss She decided to toss the old clothes out from her closet.
  • tot The tot giggled as his mother chased him around the park.
  • TOTS I made some delicious tater tots for dinner tonight.
  • tout It is said that the tout knows the best places to find bargains.
  • tows
  • Toys I always bring my toys with me when I go on vacation.
  • trust I trust that you will be able to help me with this problem.
  • tryst After a long day at work, I wanted to tryst with my partner.
  • twist The detective twist in the story caught me by surprise.