What is the correct spelling for TOLD?

If you've mistakenly typed "told" when you meant to write something else, here are a few possible suggestions to correct it. You could consider "gold", "fold" or "cold" as alternatives depending on the context. Always proofread your work to catch any errors before finalizing the text.

Correct spellings for TOLD

  • bold The bold decision to invest in the new technology paid off in the end.
  • cold I am feeling cold in my office and need to put a sweater on.
  • fold
  • gold The Olympic medalist's favorite color is gold.
  • hold I need you to hold this package for me while I go get my car keys.
  • mold Although mold can be harmful, certain types of molds are used in the production of food and beverages.
  • old My grandparents are old but they are still active and healthy.
  • sold The used car was quickly sold due to its excellent condition and low mileage.
  • toad The toad hopped slowly across the garden.
  • tod
  • todd Todd went for a run every morning before starting his day.
  • todl
  • toed She toed the line during the race.
  • Told I told him to come here at 9 AM.
  • Tole The tole tray was adorned with delicate flowers and vines.
  • toll The toll of the bells filled the small village with a somber air.
  • wold The heather on the wold was starting to bloom a beautiful shade of purple.