What is the correct spelling for TOLE?

If you've mistakenly written "tole" instead of the intended word, here are some alternatives you might be looking for: "toll", meaning a fee or charge; "told", the past tense of "tell"; "tolled", referring to the ringing of a bell; "toilet", a common restroom; or "toil", which means to work hard.

Correct spellings for TOLE

  • atole I have never tasted atole, but I have heard it is a popular hot Mexican beverage made from masa (corn dough) and served with cinnamon and sugar.
  • tale Once upon a time, there was a magical tale about a prince who turned into a frog.
  • tall The tall skyscraper overshadowed the quaint buildings nearby.
  • tell You can tell me all about your day when you get home.
  • tile He put adhesive on the back of the tile and pressed it firmly onto the wall.
  • till I can't wait till we get to the beach.
  • title She worked hard to earn her doctoral degree and was thrilled to finally add "Dr." to her title.
  • toal
  • toll He paid the toll to cross the bridge.
  • tool He used a hammer as a tool to fix the broken fence.
  • towel After taking a shower, I reached for a soft, fluffy towel to dry off.
  • tuol