What is the correct spelling for TOMOVE?

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Correct spellings for TOMOVE

  • dove What the dove really said was, no doubt, 'Give us peas. In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove; In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. – Locksley Hall by alfred, lord tennyson
  • drove Charles, meanwhile, drove on to Vandon. (I got ta) remember the benz that my man drove Now it's all smashed up in a grove – I Got Ta by masta ace
  • motive With what possible motive ...? You never took time to understand your motive Too clever by half and too stupid to notice – Hometown Strategies by Kubichek!
  • move "Didn't you hear me tell you to move on? Let's get this thing on the move My heart is longing to prove – Let's Get To It by Kylie Minogue
  • mover There is more importance than may, at first sight, appear, in the introduction of this new word, by the honorable mover of these resolutions. Man-made mechanical mover It'll move faster than you can Vegetable lover – Eat Starch Mom by jefferson airplane
  • movie It was as if a tableau had suddenly decided to become a "movie." He never did marry or see a B grade movie He graded my performance, he said he could see through me – Closer to Fine by indigo girls
  • remove A sunk thermometer fell from 52.5 degrees to 51.5 degrees between the 11th and 14th, when I was obliged to remove the thermometer owing to the accident mentioned above.
  • remover Immediately behind them, on the steps of the baronial halls, were ranged his retainers, led by the chief cook and bottle-washer, and head crumb-remover.
  • tame They were almost as tame , too.
  • time I have had no time to see it."
  • timor White sandal wood comes from the island of Timor .
  • toffee It is made in the same manner as toffee .
  • tom Scarcely knowing what he was doing, Tom pushed the door open and staggered inside.
  • tomb Everywhere pitch blackness, the blackness of the tomb .
  • tomboy They were all fond of her: she wasn't a pet or a tomboy , for she wasn't built that way, but they were fond of her in such a way that they didn't like to hear anything said about her.
  • tome I sal yow tel, if I have tome , Of the seven ages of Rome.
  • trove It could be no harm, he thought, if he gave her his little piece of treasure-trove, they had been playfellows so long.
  • tumor Complications have crept over to other places or the disturbance in one part works as inhibitory influence on other brain parts, or a tumor may press on a far-removed part, or the disturbance may be one which cannot be examined with our present microscopic means.
  • tumour The blue kingfisher is investigating the tumour made by white ants in the bloodwood wherein the nest is annually excavated, and soon the chattering notes of the pair will be heard.
  • Tommy Look at poor Tommy !
  • Timon At this Diodoros felt as though he had won the prize in a race; and his friend Timon , whose artistic eye was feasting on the magnificent scene, started at the vehement and ardent pressure which Diodoros bestowed on his hand.
  • Tomas I said, then: "We have eight shots between us two, Tomas ."
  • Tommie Come here, Pat, an' Moike, an' Andy, an' Jim, an' Barney, an' Tommie !"
  • Tammie Richard Aitson, Plains Apache beader William Alchesay, White Mountain scout, chief, Congressional Lobbyist Tammie Allen, Jicarilla potter Chatto, scout Mildred Cleghorn, Fort Sill tribal chairperson Dahteste, female warrior Gouyen, female warrior Lozen, female warrior Bob Haozous, Chiricahua sculptor Allan Houser, Chiricahua sculptor Vanessa Jennings, Kiowa Apache beadworker and regalia-maker Loco, Chief Ronnie Lupe, activist and White Mountain Apache tribal chairman Douglas Miles, San Carlos painter Naiche, Chief Nana, Chief Deborah Parker, activist and indigenous leader Joanelle Romero, actress, filmmaker Jay Tavare, actor Taza, Chief Mary Kim Titla, publisher, journalist, former TV reporter, and a 2008 candidate for Arizonas First Congressional District Raoul Trujillo, dancer, choreographer, actor Victorio, war leader Eleven Medal of Honor recipients: see List of Native American Medal of Honor recipients.
  • tomes The virtues of all those New England ministers and all those tomes of sermons are in this casket.
  • TOMS "I don't know what you think," said Miss Toms , "but that kind of thing's humbug if you ask me."
  • TEMPE I looked forward more longingly than ever to the time when I should be able to drop off the boat at Tempe , and run up to see my mother; and I fixed it up with Captain Sproule so that when we made our return trip I was to be allowed to stop over a day with her, and taking a fast boat catch up with our own craft farther east.
  • dome The thought so entirely in accordance with the first impression made by the phenomenon of the night sky on the ignorant senses and imagination that the stars are set in a firm revolving dome , has widely prevailed; and the thought that heaven lies beyond that solid arch, in the unknown space is a popular notion lingering still.
  • fourth-highest Homeworld is listed by review aggregator Metacritic as the highest rated computer game of 1999, and the fourth-highest on any platform for the year.
  • fifty-mile Out in this misty expanse of the North Sea the allied battleships had taken up their positions in a fifty-mile line of greyhounds.

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