What is the correct spelling for TOOCH?

If you've mistakenly typed "tooch" and need the correct spelling, you may actually be referring to the word "touch". Another possibility is "too" or "two". It's important to double-check spellings when unsure, but remember that autocorrect can sometimes lead to amusing errors like this one!

Correct spellings for TOOCH

  • hooch
  • mooch I don't appreciate it when you come over here just to mooch off of me.
  • pooch My pooch has a habit of running off whenever he sees a squirrel.
  • to och
  • toch
  • too ch
  • tooth I have to get a filling for my cavity on my tooth.
  • torch The Olympic torch was lit in Athens, Greece before beginning its journey to the host city.
  • touch Be careful not to touch the hot stove or you could get burned.