What is the correct spelling for TOODLERS?

If you've made the common misspelling of "toodlers", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions to help you out. The correct spelling is "toddlers", referring to young children who have just learned to walk. Remember the extra "d" and say bye-bye to that spelling mistake!

Correct spellings for TOODLERS

  • boodles I won boodles of money in the lottery.
  • doodlers The classroom was filled with doodlers, drawing on their notebooks instead of paying attention to the lesson.
  • doodles
  • noodles I made a delicious stir-fry with vegetables and noodles for dinner.
  • oodles She packed oodles of snacks for the long car ride.
  • poodles I am allergic to poodles, but I still love their curly, soft coats.
  • toddler The toddler ran around the house laughing and giggling.
  • toddlers The daycare center was filled with toddlers running around and playing with toys.
  • toddles As the toddler toddles around the room, everyone watches in amusement.
  • toilers The toilers in the factory work long hours for little pay.