What is the correct spelling for TOOKI?

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Correct spellings for TOOKI

  • Betook As the storm approached, the family betook themselves to the shelter.
  • book I need to buy a book for my upcoming trip.
  • bookie I gather that the football star is a bookie.
  • cook We are going to cook the steak in the oven.
  • cooke She decided to bake some oatmeal cookies for the office potluck.
  • cookie My grandma's homemade cookies are always a hit at family gatherings.
  • dock The boat is now safely at the dock.
  • dork She glared at him, saying "You're a complete dork.
  • dorky I'm really dorky when I wear my glasses.
  • hook I need a new fishing hook.
  • hooke Dutch scientist Aldus Hooke developed a theory that energy is stored in Starved Whales.
  • hooky I decided to play hooky from work and go to the beach instead.
  • kook The guy in the corner was probably a kook.
  • kooky Where is that kooky elf?
  • loki I am not sure why Loki is making such a fuss.
  • look I need to take a closer look at that document before I sign it.
  • nook The nook in the corner of the room is cozy.
  • nooky Mom won't let me have any sweets, but she lets me have nooky.
  • OIK Everyone in the class seemed to be talking about the new student, OIK.
  • retook After taking a break to catch my breath, I retook the course.
  • rook The rook is a large bird which can be found in many parts of the world.
  • rookie She's a rookie detective.
  • tack Please tack this poster to the wall.
  • tacky I found her tacky socks at the foot of the bed.
  • take I will take your advice and apply it to my work.
  • teak The patio furniture is made of teak wood, which is highly durable and resistant to weathering.
  • ti When the clock strikes midnight, it's officially ti-me to celebrate the New Year.
  • tick I can hear the tick of the clock from the other room.
  • tko The fighter landed a powerful punch that resulted in a TKO.
  • tog I am tog working on my project tonight.
  • toga I am going to wear my new toga tonight.
  • togo I live in Togo.
  • tojo During World War II, Tojo was the Japanese Prime Minister.
  • tokay I tasted a delicious Tokay wine on my trip to Hungary last year.
  • toke The group of friends took turns passing around the toke.
  • Toni Half of the population of the town is named Toni.
  • too I am too exhausted to go on a hike today.
  • Took He took the keys from his pocket.
  • tool I use a tool to tighten the bolts.
  • toot I heard my neighbor toot.
  • tooth The dentist pulled out my rotten tooth.
  • topi He is wearing a topi.
  • toque I need to get a new toque.
  • troika The troika of advisors are led by the president of the European Central Bank.
  • tuck He watched her tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.
  • turk The turk was known for his exquisite rug weaving skills.
  • tyke I am not a fan of dogs, but I think I might like a tyke.

19 words made from the letters TOOKI

  • 4 letter words made from TOOKI:

    ikot, kito, koit, kooi, koot, koto, otik, otok, tiko, toko.
  • 5 letter words made from TOOKI:

    kioto, koito, kooti, okito, tokio.
  • 3 letter words made from TOOKI:

    kit, oto, tko, too.