What is the correct spelling for TOOTCH?

If you find yourself misspelling "tootch", fret not! The correct spelling to refer to a quick, light touch would be "touch". Alternatively, if you meant to refer to "tooch", which means a slight adjustment or tweak, that would be spelled as "tweak". Remember, correct spellings can make all the difference in clear communication!

Correct spellings for TOOTCH

  • botch If you rush through this project, you know you'll botch it.
  • hooch The soldiers were caught with a bottle of hooch in their possession.
  • mooch I don't like the neighbor who always tries to mooch food from us.
  • notch She is at the top of her class, graduating with top-notch grades.
  • pooch My pooch is such a good boy.
  • toot The sound of a toot from the trumpet echoed throughout the auditorium.
  • tooth I need to schedule an appointment with the dentist to fill the cavity in my tooth.
  • toothy The actor flashed a toothy grin as he accepted his award.
  • torch The flickering light of the torch illuminated the dark hallway.
  • touch She couldn't help but reach out and touch the soft petals of the flower.
  • twitch Let's just forget about Twitch for now.