What is the correct spelling for TOPEDO?

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Correct spellings for TOPEDO

  • doped He looked up, and his mind felt sluggish and weak, almost as though he had been doped .
  • moped "Yes," Henley nodded, "and she moped about home as pale as a dead person, and never seemed interested in anything that was going on.
  • taped The device was taped to the turtle; the free end of the thread was tied to a stationary object.
  • tapped After a moment's hesitation she tapped on the window; there was no response from Louis' room.
  • tepid The waitress brought the two thick cups of tea, and looked at him with a tepid curiosity.
  • tipped He towed it to the next sand-bar, where he wrung out and donned his shirt, then tipped the water from the smaller craft, and, making it fast astern of the Peterborough, set out again.
  • toed He carried a sword over his shoulder, and slung on it a budget or bundle of his clothes apparently, probably his breeches or pantaloons, and his cloak and a shirt or two; for he had on a short jacket of velvet with a gloss like satin on it in places, and had his shirt out; his stockings were of silk, and his shoes square-toed as they wear them at court.
  • toledo At the point where sky and ocean met there was left a boreal azure resembling the steel-white of the diamond; this was succeeded by pearly gray, until the horizon became wavy with lines of blue, like the delicate figures wrought upon a Toledo blade.
  • toned The high-toned, exalted views of life and duty which had held possession of her during the past few weeks seemed suddenly to have deserted her.
  • topee Yet he reminded her of somebody, but him she had always seen in a topee , out of doors.
  • topped I continued to ride in that direction to a clear hill, and from it I obtained a view of a range of flat-topped hills, that seemed to extend W.N.W.; the most westerly portion of these being the steep-sided mass seen before us yesterday.
  • torpedo There has also been considerable progress in the construction and use of torpedo aircraft.
  • torpid Awake, as for months he had not been; his pulses were leaping to full heart-beats, there was stir in his brain; and therewith, dislike and contempt exciting, the keen human passion of hate lay torpid no longer; it moved, it threatened to run riot.
  • typed She typed in her address and entered it.
  • Duped If any doubt had remained on my mind as to the deception I had been duped by, this would completely have dispelled it, but I had long before been convinced of the trick, and only wondered how the false Guy-Mr. Dudley Morewood-had contrived to present himself to me so opportunely, and by what means, in so short a space of time, he had become acquainted with my personal appearance.
  • Hoped He hoped that she would go on with the subject.
  • Loped "I am so glad to have somebody for David to play with," Mrs. Richie said, looking down at the little nestling thing, who at that moment stopped nestling, and dropping down on toes and finger-tips, loped up-on very long hind-legs, to the confusion of her elders, who endeavored not to see her peculiar attitude-and, putting a paw into David's pocket, abstracted a marble.
  • Roped He watched with dozing interest the muleteers inside as they roped up straw, tightened straps, and otherwise got ready for departure.
  • Toted I figgers they knowed they own dear paw well 'nuff to know the idee w'ich he toted in his mind.
  • Towed Some got away, and we don't know where they went, but we towed two of them after us.
  • toyed For a moment or two his fingers toyed with the lock; then, stooping quickly, he looped the end of the chain around Granger's leg.
  • Coped The solidarity of labor was not denied by the trade unions, but they did not try to reduce the idea to practice: each trade coped more or less successfully with its own employers.
  • OPED The warder has oped the porteluse again, To let Sir Peregrine forth with his train.

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