What is the correct spelling for TOPOED?

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Correct spellings for TOPOED

  • doped It's a turn of the head or a touch of the hands, or it's a half sort of smile, an' you're doped , doped , doped with a feelin' like strong liquor runnin' through your veins, an' there ain't nothin' on earth can break it up once you've got the habit.
  • looped With one of her quick changes of mood she rose, patted her hair smooth, caught up a wrap oddly inharmonious with the gown and slippers, looped her train over her arm, tool her violin, and ran lightly down-stairs.
  • moped One summer's evening, after a good scolding, which he deserved well, Klaas moped and, almost crying, went to bed in bad humor.
  • stooped He stooped , and took it from me.
  • stopped That he had not done so meant that something had stopped him on the way.
  • taped My head they kept connected with taped terminals and every time I blew a fuse or a motor they would see the dials spin crazily.
  • tapped He tapped the bills with his fingers.
  • tepid We have been a long way and a long time from the sea, and would like to get a glimpse of it again; the thought of it is refreshing, even though it is but a tepid eastern sea which we will have to cross if we decide on going to Burmah or the Straits.
  • tipped Upon her head she wore a golden crown with seven points upon it, and each point was tipped with a gleaming jewel.
  • tiptoe I entered on tiptoe .
  • toed And there, carelessly lounging, with one of his lank legs crossed over the other and a cigar between his teeth, my comrade coolly recounted to me the infamous history of the past week: "Jarras put his honest, old, square-toed foot in it by accident; I don't know how he managed to do it, but this is certain: he suddenly found himself on a perfectly plain trail which could only end at Mornac's threshold.
  • toned That is quite a high-toned place.
  • topee Now let me advise you about your topee .
  • topped The last-mentioned appeared flat-topped, and presented yellow cliffs like sandstone.
  • topper "A pig, of course, waiting for you to move," said Topper .
  • torpedo The only torpedo machine employed at the Battle of Jutland was a Sunbeam fitted with a 14-inch torpedo , and it was not until just before the Armistice that a squadron of torpedo aircraft was ready for operations with the Grand Fleet.
  • torpid There were those who were already insensible, torpid with the heavy poison that ran through their blood.
  • typed I had my secretary make me a typed list of them, with their addresses and occupations, and I pored over this for hours at a time.
  • Duped I will tell you this-if I discover that I have been duped, I'll give, outright, a good sum of money to you in trust for Lansing!"
  • Hooped In a few minutes they went back to their apartments, slipped off their hooped petticoats and long trains, and sat down to their work again.
  • Hoped This we hoped to reach after a few moments' rest.
  • Loped The animal suddenly loped forward.
  • Roped Do we have to stay roped together when we start out again?"
  • tooled Lowell smiled, sent a negligent nod toward a group that had just come in and recognized him, and tendered Johnny his tooled leather cigarette case.
  • Tooted Ten seconds passed; then Zeb Curry, immeasurably scandalized at Daniel's tardiness, tooted the whistle sharply twice; whereupon Dan woke up, threw over the lever, and walked his log up to the saw.
  • Toppled Again there came that fearful shaking of the earth; many of the remaining buildings toppled over.
  • Toted Her ladyship, I also learn, has purchased about all the small-arms ammunition in Buckhorn and toted the same back to Casa Grande in her car.
  • Towed Reaching the bank, he threw off his wooden klomps, plunged into the boiling waters, and, seizing the cradle, towed it ashore.
  • toyed What cruel fates toyed with this young farmer!
  • Trooped They were all dead weary, and most of them were badly bruised, as well, and they trooped back to the shanty, while Nasmyth limped into his hut.
  • Cooped By his system he aimed at securing for them bodily as well as mental health, and he held it to be unnatural that they should be cooped up in close rooms, and glued to forms, when all their limbs twitch with desire for action, and there is a warm sunshine out of doors.
  • Coped He had never lacked courage and resolution, but he felt that this time he would have to resist a power with which he had never coped.
  • Pooped She was exposed to double danger; that of being cast upon one of the numerous coral reefs with which the Pacific in some parts abounds, or being "pooped" and overwhelmed by the seas which followed her.
  • OPED One strangled died; another from the height Fell headlong down upon the unpitying earth, And from the encrimsoned victor snatched his death: One built his funeral pyre and oped his veins, And sealed the furnace ere his blood was gone.
  • tiptoed When they had tiptoed and crawled to a point where they could see the doorstep of the Fox home, Peter Rabbit and Johnny Chuck lay down in a clump of bushes and watched.

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