What is the correct spelling for TORWAD?

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Correct spellings for TORWAD

  • forward Life isn't what it seems when you look forward to it.
  • tad And to Tad the title really belonged-to President Lincoln's youngest son-who was a small whirlwind of impetuous despotism; and woe to the man, woman or child who resisted his tempestuous tyranny.
  • toad Now, there can't be but one big toad , an so there can't be but one head Ginneral.
  • toady "Spell Toady , Cad," whispered John Jr.
  • tod Daily she walked to the post-office, when no one was watching, and caused Tod Greeley much amusement by her nervous anxiety.
  • todd The manners of this young aristocrat toward the girl were an especial source of delight to Todd , who watched his every movement with the keenest interest.
  • toed Then with a second glance at the window, to make sure that the curtain was drawn, Vashti tip-toed swiftly to the door, catching up the guitar on her way.
  • tornado "I believe you are liable to catch anything at any time here from yellow fever to a tornado .
  • torpid It was yet to be learnt how long he had been in this condition; but I was perfectly sure he had formed one of the schooner's people, and as I had guessed her to have been here for upwards of fifty years, the notion of that man having lain torpid for half a century held me under a perpetual spell of astonishment; but there was no more horror in me nor fright.
  • torrid While they were on the exhibition stand, in the torrid heat, they had to wear those heavy clothes of furs and skins which the ladies said looked so picturesque.
  • tort For the purposes of the Church and the uses of confession it was more convenient to regard crime or tort , as did the Romans; as a mental condition, dependent altogether upon the state of the mind or "animus."
  • trad
  • trade Since when, a boy, he plied his trade, Till on his life the sickness weighed; – Boy And the Angel, The by Robert Browning
  • tread No busy steps the grass-grown foot-way tread, For all the bloomy flush of life is fled! – The Deserted Village, A Poem by Oliver Goldsmith
  • triad
  • tweed The great square shoulders of the stranger were clad in a tweed jacket, and, from what he could make out, he wore no chapps.
  • wad So he insisted-a thousand or nothing; and as before, his heart went down into his boots when McGivney produced his wad , and revealed that there was more in the wad than Peter had demanded!
  • woad Its people reached a high stage of culture, and all records indicate that in the days when the early Briton painted himself with woad and when Rome was at her prime, Korea was a powerful, orderly and civilized kingdom.
  • word You would take me at my word .
  • Rowed They went back to the place where they had left the boat, made their way down and rowed back to the yacht, where they went on board, and saw some of the boys, telling them of visiting the reefs, but saying nothing of the strange discovery of the vessel among the rocks.
  • Towed The canoe was paddled up, and his antlers being made fast to the stern, he was towed back to the shore, and carried into camp.
  • Towards Then he turned towards the door.
  • Toward He turned a little, toward Schuyler.
  • Trod No touch of spring can grey those barren, everlasting fields, where foot of man has never trod, and no warmth can penetrate to the rock-bound earth beneath.
  • Stowed Certainly, whatever thoughts upon the subject may have been stowed away in the subconscious regions of the poet's mind, they well up here in a fountain of pure inspiration, carrying the thought forward on the wings of the poet's own spirit.
  • TWA "Now I've slayne twa; slay ye the ane; "Is na that gude companye?
  • towhead And as the little group, augmented by other soldiers who strolled over to hear of this extraordinary affair first hand, grew into something of a crowd, Tom, alias Thatchy, alias Paul Revere, alias Towhead , sat upon the fence, answering questions and telling of his great coup with a dull unconcern which left them all gaping.
  • trowed
  • critical-care
  • neo-marxist

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