What is the correct spelling for TOTAI?

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Correct spellings for TOTAI

  • data That is all there is to finding sun time, either mean or apparent, for any instant of any day in the year 1919. Do not forget, however, that all this data is based upon Greenwich Mean Time.
  • dot Still I must dot down a few of our friend's anecdotes.
  • dote "You dote upon them, you know," said Mr. Orange.
  • iota Your words do not deceive me one iota .
  • rota Born in 1620, and educated at Merton and University Colleges, he had left Oxford without a degree, had taken the Parliamentary side, but as a rigid Republican and anti-Cromwellite; had been a member of the Rota , and after the Restoration had been arrested in 1663 for supposed treasonable practices, but escaped serious punishment.
  • tad You might presarve all the brains they've got in a drop of brandy, and they would have as much sea-room as a tad -pole in Lake Superior."
  • tartar Entering a druggist's shop one evening, he asked for an ounce of tartar emetic.
  • tat Rat-a-tat-tat-a-tat-tat, beat Drummer on the old tree trunk on the edge of the Green Forest.
  • tatar The Tatar village of Arghuri and a Kurdish encampment on the northeast slope were entirely destroyed by the precipitated rocks.
  • tate At the National Gallery there is a wall composed, with one exception, entirely of his works; the Victoria and Albert Museum contains a room, or rather a hall of his pictures, sketches, and studies, and he is also represented at the Tate and Diploma Galleries.
  • teat The tube is now withdrawn and a broad tape is tied around the free end of the teat to prevent escape of the air.
  • tet It is well known that this group symbolized eternitytet and the sign is always interpreted as expressing the sound tet .
  • titan Tropical rain beat down into the heated streets and thunder roared in Titan anger.
  • tito Gentlemen, have any of you ever studied the tactics of Abd-el-Krim or, more recently still, Tito ?
  • toad You may be sure she told her papa the moment he came home, that now she was a dear little donkey, as well as a precious old toad .
  • toady But if Toady told you that, then no one can blame the Gardeness.
  • tod My worthy friend, Mr. Tod , minister of the next congregation, has near the same number under his instructions, who, he tells me, discover the same serious turn of mind.
  • today Today I tried to show you how to find your azimuth from the azimuth tables for any hour of the day.
  • todd You saw him first, Todd -you can have him.
  • toed When he played for the great master, Mozart tip-toed from the room and said softly to those present: "Pay heed to this boy.
  • toga They had the right to wear the purple-bordered toga , and to have lictors attending them in the streets.
  • toot It was precisely at this moment that the toot of a motor horn was heard.
  • topi But a principal made light of difficulties, and Royson noticed that he was to be supplied with riding breeches and boots in addition to a sea-faring kit, while a sola topi , or pith helmet, appeared, in the list.
  • tort The county and borough courts heard cases of felonies, accusations against freemen, tort , and debts.
  • torte
  • tot Du bist so kalt jetzt bist Du tot Sei froh mein Kind hast keine Not – Vergib Mir by Wumpscut
  • total
  • tote It's cheaper to bring out Orkney-men in sail-boats from Scotland to tote their water up the banks."
  • totem But after the feast I was bound down on the ground before the sacred totem pillars, and all the maidens and warriors of the Creek nation danced around me, chanting songs of triumph.
  • totter At the same time he was seen to totter and pitch heavily forward.
  • tout J'en cite quelques-uns, "tout venant," comme disent les carriers.
  • tutu The kingdom was overthrown by the French in 1892-93. Under Sai Tutu , Ashanti arose to power in the seventeenth century.
  • Tooter Mr. Tooter and Mr. Noggin, with Mr. Chrome, who had a new flag, walked out upon the parade-ground.
  • Toted I toted it night and day.
  • Tutsi
  • Tut "I want to tut drass," she said in her most persuasive tones.
  • Tutti Pietrasantra, in the province of Lucca, 27 July, 1836. As early as '49 he cried, Abasso tutti i re!
  • Toni It is exceedingly fortunate that Toni has taken after my sister and not after you, for otherwise you might live to see the like in her.
  • Tonia
  • TOTO Herein, for the first time, shall I answer in toto all charges made against me, and this because the entire truth concerning these same charges I have not succeeded in giving the world through other channels.
  • TOTS Those poor little tots are going to enjoy the perfectly new sensation of being able to breathe at night.
  • tatami The tatami , beneath a tolerably fair exterior, swarm with insect life, and are receptacles of dust, organic matters, etc.
  • aircondition

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