What is the correct spelling for TOUDAE?

If you are looking for suggestions to correct the misspelling "Toudae", there are a few options. One possibility is "Todai", which refers to the University of Tokyo. Alternatively, it could be "Todae" or "Tooday", depending on the intended pronunciation. Double-check the intended meaning to choose the most appropriate correction.

Correct spellings for TOUDAE

  • Gouda I like to pair my crackers with a sharp Gouda cheese.
  • Goudas I always stock up on my favorite Goudas cheese whenever I go grocery shopping.
  • Today Today is the first day of the conference and I am excited to learn new things.
  • Toddle The baby started to toddle towards his mother after taking his first steps.
  • Toucan The toucan is a colorful bird often found in rainforests.
  • Touche "You got me there, touche," said John with a smile after his opponent made a clever comeback.
  • Toupee He spent thousands of dollars on a toupee to conceal his baldness.
  • Tousle He tousled his hair before leaving the house.
  • Trudge The hiker continued to trudge through the muddy trail despite the rain pouring down on him.