What is the correct spelling for TOULD?

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Correct spellings for TOULD

  • bold Oh, I wish you hadn't been so bold !"
  • cold "D'you know, Mary," he suddenly remarked, "I believe I'm in for a cold .
  • could It never could be-never, never.
  • dolt I could think only of Coke Clifton, and I now know Coke Clifton to be a very wicked dolt !
  • fold When you dish it up, fold it over in half.
  • fouled He against whom a bill was twice fouled , was liable to the penalty of death.
  • gold They found a great deal of gold .
  • gould You know Miss Gould -she played the King; and Miss Scully, she played the beggar-maid.
  • hold If I had had more than a hold -all I should not have been able to get into it.
  • loud The good minister smiled, and the people smiled, and Johnny laughed loud in church.
  • mold Could he have seen the workings of the subtle mind concealed behind the smiling exterior, he would have felt very much less at his ease; for even now Stephen was plotting how best he could mold the material round him to serve his purpose, and while the laugh was lingering on his smooth lips, his heart was burning with hate and jealousy of the rival who sat opposite.
  • mould By 'the organmaker,' we mould suppose there was but one.
  • mouldy The stuff had the appearance of mouldy yellow soap, and having no sparkle nor variety did not affect me as the jewellery had, though in value this chest came near to being worth as much as all the others put together.
  • old We hope you will make new friends, and we ask only that you won't forget the old .
  • should What should she do?
  • sold There is not much of it sold .
  • tailed We could take up a couple of hundred acres on our own account, you and me," Conal murmured; "go to church, wear long-tailed coats, ring-on some fancy speechifyin'.
  • tilde 10. Where is the Tilde used?
  • tiled She followed him down the tiled passage, to the comfortable, though not very extensive kitchen premises.
  • tilled For as his eye fell on these clouds of mist, a beam of light came travelling swiftly down the mountain and pierced them, turning them to a fierce blood-red; next, almost with an audible rush, the sun leapt into view over the eastern spurs: and while he stared down upon the vapours writhing and bleeding under this lance-thrust of dawn-while they shook themselves loose and trailed away in wreaths of crimson and gold and violet, and deep in the chasms between them shone the plain with its tilled fields and villages-a cry from Bhagwan Dass fetched him round sharply, and he beheld, a few yards above him on the slope, a man.
  • tilt I shoved the chair across the room and watched it tilt the lamp her mother bought us.
  • toad It was Mary who spoke now: "I know that little toad .
  • tod It was Tod Barstow, an old hand.
  • todd Our end of the table had stopped to listen; so had the occupants of the tables on either side; so had Todd , who was patting the Doctor's arm, his face beaming.
  • toed "But on Earth we have weather, and it happened a long, long time ago, back in the days of three-toed horses and ganoid fish.
  • toil I knew the occupants of these tents; with some I had shared danger, with others toil .
  • toledo It was to start at Oswego, take a beeline across Lake Ontario to Toronto, hence up the lake and through the Welland Canal into Lake Erie, along the shores of that historical inland sea, touching at Erie, Cleveland, Sandusky, and Toledo , up Detroit River, through the Lake and River of St. Clair, then gliding over the waters of Lake Huron, dash down along the shores of Lake Michigan to Chicago, and back past Milwaukee, through the Straits of Mackinaw and the ship-canal into the placid waves of Superior, making Duluth the terminus of our journey.
  • toll We collect our toll on the booty and when that's too difficult we live on the country.
  • tool Using Parker as a tool , Peary's Arctic Club, through him, first forced the side-issue of Mt.
  • tousled On he went, strolling toward the little schoolhouse where he had found dear Betty Ballard sleeping at the big school desk the evening before, and passed it by-only looking in curiously at the tousled heads bent over their lessons, and at Betty herself, where she sat at the desk, a class on the long recitation bench before her, and a great boy standing at the blackboard.
  • tout Il partera tout de suite!
  • wold When the hired man heard this, he returned upon his steps and going in to the woman, took the child from her by wily management and slit its maw: then he fled forth into the wold at hap-hazard and abode in strangerhood while Allah so willed.
  • would What would be the time now?
  • Doled Such delicacies had to be doled out very sparingly, although the women gave what they could to the little pale-face maid of whom they were becoming very fond.
  • Told Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believe not: the works that I do in My Father's name, these bear witness of Me.
  • Toiled She turned one glance seaward to where the other boat was seen following them, and then, holding Joan's hand, she slowly toiled up the rocky ascent to the village.
  • Tole "Why, he tole me so hisself; how else'd I find it out?
  • Tolled Sometimes, at night, a few young people would gather on the porch and sing together,-a proceeding which often tolled K'dunk out from under the door-step, and which, on one occasion, brought him hopping hurriedly back from the garden, whither he had gone an hour before to hunt his supper.
  • tooled True, Dickens, Dumas and Stevenson were tolerably well-thumbed; but the host of thinkers and poets and dramatists and theologians, in their hand-tooled Levant .
  • Toured The Commission toured the Commonwealth, visiting different wheat districts, and came into direct touch with local conditions.
  • Tull Borrow, Tull , Yarde, Corke, Vincent, Macdougal, Skinner, they would keep throughout his life some of that magic which clings to Diomed and Deiphobus, to Hector and Achilles.
  • Touted If you get it touted to the tank towns that you've got a play with the great religious gonzabo, then your show's a big property.
  • dolled And, believe me, Cousin Inez was dolled for fair.
  • toilet Toilet-case for razors, tooth-powder, brushes, and paper.

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