What is the correct spelling for TOUPH?

If you meant to type "tough" but accidentally wrote "touph", fret not! Here are some suggestions for correcting this misspelling: "tough", "touch", "tosh", "torch", "toughs" or "tooth". Double-checking spellings is always worth it to ensure accurate communication.

Correct spellings for TOUPH

  • cough I had a persistent cough for weeks, so I finally went to the doctor.
  • dough I need to make more dough before I can start baking cookies.
  • morph I can't believe I morph into a dolphin when I turn into a dragon.
  • rough I bump into a rough looking guy on the stair.
  • taupe She was wearing a khaki pantsuit with a taupe blazer.
  • tooth
  • top He reached the top of the mountain after a grueling climb.
  • topi I always put a topi on my head when it starts to rain.
  • torah Her father brought her a Torah, which she examines intently.
  • torch We lit a torch to guide our way through the dark forest.
  • tosh I don't have time for his nonsense, it's all tosh.
  • touch I was hesitant to touch the hot stove.
  • touche I felt sorry for her and gave her a touche.
  • touchy I'm really touchy about that.
  • tough It's going to be a tough day.
  • toughs I'm not the easiest person to deal with, but I'm toughs.
  • toupee I have a toupee.
  • tour I am going on a guided tour of the city tomorrow.
  • tours I enjoy going on guided tours when I travel to new places.
  • tout I'll tell you all about it overcoats at Tout.
  • trough This is a trough.
  • tupi She is a member of the Tupi tribe.
  • tush I brushed my teeth using my tush instead of my hand.