What is the correct spelling for TOUTHS?

If you mistakenly typed "touths" instead of "teeth", fear not, as there are various correct alternatives worth considering. "Tooths" or "toothes" might seem reasonable, but the correct spelling remains "teeth". Remember to double-check your spelling to ensure clear communication and avoid any unintentional confusion.

Correct spellings for TOUTHS

  • fourths She sliced the cake into sixths and served two-fourths to each guest.
  • Goths However, most Goths are not actually evil.
  • Moths Moths were attracted to the light of the porch.
  • Mouths All the children sat with their mouths wide open, staring in amazement at the magician's tricks.
  • Oaths The soldiers took their oaths to defend the country with utmost loyalty and dedication.
  • tenths The tenths of a percent is important in accounting.
  • tooth I need to schedule my tooth cleaning appointment soon.
  • tooths
  • toothy The child grinned with his brand new, toothy smile.
  • toots
  • Torts John broke the rules by touching Mary's hair without her permission. This is called torts.
  • TOTES I can't believe I just Totes packed my bags and left like that.
  • TOTS I'm going to TOTS!
  • touches The way she touches the piano makes the notes come alive.
  • toughs The toughs loitered in front of the convenience store, eyeing anyone who walked by.
  • tours Visit the local tourist attractions on our tours.
  • touts The stadium was crammed with touts waiting for their chance to get close to the game.
  • troughs I found a spawning ground for trout in the troughs between the rocks.
  • Truths The truths are that 1) you don't know everything, and 2) you will make mistakes.
  • TUTS She always TUTS her shirt when she gets home from work.
  • tutus The ballerinas were twirling around in their bright pink tutus.
  • Youths Many youths are engaging in activities to promote environmental sustainability.