What is the correct spelling for TOXITY?

If you accidentally misspell "toxity", fear not! The correct spelling is actually "toxicity". Typos happen to the best of us, but with a simple correction, you'll breeze through any writing or conversation. Remember, double-checking your work is a great habit to avoid such mishaps in the future.

Correct spellings for TOXITY

  • fixity Her fixation on the idea of fixity was preventing her from exploring new possibilities.
  • laxity The company's laxity in enforcing safety regulations resulted in several accidents.
  • toasty The toasty marshmallows made this fireIDEAL.
  • toxic The substance in the bottle is toxic.
  • toxicity With the toxicity of certain chemicals in the environment, it is important to be safe when using them around the home.
  • toxin The toxin in the mushroom will kill you.