What is the correct spelling for TRALER?

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Correct spellings for TRALER

  • brawler "Va, citoyen," said one fugitive, an officer-popularly elected, because he was the loudest brawler in the club of the Salle Favre,-we have seen him before-Charles, the brother of Armand Monnier;-"men can't fight when they despise their generals.
  • crawler Things were so different now from what they had been a year ago, and as I stood there looking up and down for a crawler , above the noise of the London thoroughfare, her own words to me in Paris rang with terrible distinctness, that prophecy wrung from her in the agony of her woman's longing-"I shall never be your own."
  • dealer On board the first junk were found the young French lady and the Chinese dealer .
  • draper From the son of Sir Francis in 1279 Simon the Draper obtained the Manor of Otterbourne for 600 merks, and a quit rent of a pair of gilt spurs valued at six pence!
  • drawer Hastily she locked both letters away in a drawer of her desk, and as she did so, smilingly said to herself, I wonder if papers are sensitive!
  • ruler About this time it is evident that the secretary carried himself with some haughtiness as a ruler of the navy, and that this was resented by some.
  • tale He'll tell you the same tale himself.
  • teller All the clerks were covertly watching the outcome, and thus attention was turned from Harry King; even the teller glanced frequently at the cashier's desk as he counted the bank notes placed in his hand.
  • tiler "Not the better for being a master," said the old tiler , who was himself a negro.
  • tiller So Rob himself sprang down to the stern and took the tiller .
  • toiler Do you solemnly promise to be good and not tease for things to eat, but be a ready and willing little toiler ?"
  • trace He looked over his shoulder, and, seeing no trace of them, remarked at once: "We'd better be independent of them.
  • tracer "Come in," said the Tracer when she knocked.
  • tracker He had been a good tracker for many years, but he now found that he had much to learn from these natives, who for generation after generation had hunted for their food by tracking it.
  • trade I told her I had as good a trade as any of my neighbours.
  • trader The doctor was also a farmer and a horse trader .
  • trail When they were half way down the trail Jeffrey spoke suddenly: "Say, Ruth, what's the use trying to save these people?
  • trailer I asked him if he meant a grip-car and a trailer , and he said, 'No; just one car.
  • trainer He went slowly back to the Warren Lodge, and found his trainer standing at the open door, smoking, and anxiously awaiting his return.
  • trapper Wal, I ain' nobody but trapper an' trader, but I don' spoil de name of no good girl, an' I don' quarrel in presence of lady, so mebbe, affer all, dere's mistak' somew'ere, an' I'm gentleman mese'f 'stead of you.
  • travel And we should save so much money that we should be able to travel -" "Yes.
  • traveler By it every traveler has been measured.
  • trawl "On'y, they can't run their trawl along here a-cause o' the rocks," said Josh.
  • trawler And the trawler can't touch 'em, 'cause there's a rock here and there as would stop their net.
  • trial You would be shot without a trial .
  • trier The Archbishop of Trier showed himself as much a soldier as a Churchman; and after a week's siege, during which Sickingen made five assaults on the city, his powder ran out, and he was forced to retire.
  • trifler This was too much for Mr. Quirk; he would not resume argument with such a trifler ; nor, indeed, was there any opportunity; for Lord Rockminster now suggested they should go into the drawing-room-and Ichabod had to leave that decanter of port.
  • trill Does Emma tell the swallows How she will pipe and trill , When, some fine day, she follows Those birds to the window-sill?
  • troll Now when the party was seen and reported to Katla, and it was said that they were thirteen in number, and one had on a coloured dress, Katla exclaimed, 'That troll Geirrid is come!
  • trolley An' I come out on the trolley .
  • truly Tell me what you do feel-truly."
  • tyler Helen laughed: "It's all right, Mrs. Tyler -Ted and I-well, I want him to help."
  • Driller The driller is a friend of mine, and he has told me that his casing is set.
  • Droller Men, guard him as your lives, while I report to Madame, I dare say she will make it droller in the telling."
  • Trailed My sister and I, since we were born, have trailed our existence here without daring to understand anything of all that happens....
  • Tracey "I'll walk," he said shortly and, leaving his bag in the station-master's care and buttoning his mackintosh to his chin, he stepped forth resolutely into the rain to negotiate the two miles which separated the tiny railway station from Little Tracey .
  • trawlers From the end of November, 1915, the smaller French ships, torpedo boats, trawlers and transports made the trip from Durazzo to San Giovanni di Medua to embark the Serbian Army.
  • trialed
  • triter
  • realer But it would have seemed a little realer if you had tumbled out of the fireplace.
  • frailer "It isn't that," said the man, who was so much older and frailer than Pinney had expected to find him.
  • trailers Now the trailers of the rose half hid the entrance, and a bat flew out at the sound of Tom's step.
  • taller Lady Bell was already in the drawing-room, and took Una in her arms as if she were a school-girl, instead of a woman taller than herself.
  • truer Then, from this starting-point, all the rest of the Bible is devoted to getting rid of this difference of opinion between us and the Spirit of Life, and showing us that the Spirit's opinion is truer than ours, and so leading us to adopt it as our own.
  • trawled

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