What is the correct spelling for TRAPERS?

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Correct spellings for TRAPERS

  • draper I represent the chairman, Mrs Belle Merrill Draper , because I am the member for Minnesota.
  • tracer The Tracer waited; Harren said nothing.
  • trapeze Giddy she said; and yet she could walk, without the slightest sensation in the brain, along the extreme verge of those high chalk-cliffs, to watch the jackdaws, and hawks, and gulls at nest-building time, and she could swing for an hour in a trapeze , so long as the seat was comfortable and you gave her a book to read.
  • trapper William Sublette so named it after his fellow trapper , David E. Jackson, who was especially partial to this beautiful valley.
  • Traps They know all about traps-but my wife still wants it removed.
  • Rapes There we heard him routin' for three days till the cotmen fand him i' the hinderend, an' poo'ed him oot wi' cart-rapes.
  • tapers The stem is white, nearly cylindrical, or it tapers a little toward the lower end.
  • tampers Again the foolish messenger stays the night at Knaresborough, and again the queen-mother tampers with the letters.
  • wrappers Then had come no answer to the four halfpenny wrappers .
  • traders No other shop is allowed, and no other traders have tempted for some time to trade with the people at the island.
  • trips "It isn't the trips , Jinny There are duties, my dear, pleasant duties -Jinny-" "Yes?"
  • rapiers The next case contains rapiers and swords and bucklers.
  • drapes He there appears as a young man with large and decidedly handsome features, a great shock of dark curled hair escaping from a yellow cap, and flowing down over a rich mantle which drapes his shoulders.
  • TAPES On civilized planets, the language had been frozen unalterably in microbooks and voice tapes.
  • tracers It was work for the most skilful, the most practised, the most untiring of tracers .
  • trappers Up on the ridge above our tent was a third tiny clearing, where some trappers had once made their winter camp.
  • trampers Keep your lanterns open, and, if you see a goblin or a papagayo, take to your trampers .
  • ropers With mischief-makers like Champernoun in every city, and with such diplomatists at Ostend as Croft and Ropers and Valentine Dale, was it wonderful that the King and the Duke of Parma found time to mature their plans for the destruction of both countries?
  • rappers The rappers , he supposed, had benevolently tried to frighten him away, and induce him to go and sleep on the sofa at the other end of the room where he was now; but the attempt had failed.
  • troupes Besides the great voices in the choir we had operatic stars whenever they came with their troupes .
  • tropes Hence if a metaphor is so commonplace that it no longer has a figurative connotation and suggests nothing other than the notion itself for which it is used, then it should be numbered among proper rather than metaphorical expressions and does not fall in that class of tropes whose too frequent use is here censured.
  • tappers "The pattern of spheres certainly suggests the Sun-tappers to me," said Burl.
  • reapers The reapers thought Phillip's job better than theirs.
  • rapers
  • trapezes Now let's go out to the barn and look to see where we can put up the trapezes and rings and things like that, and where I can hang by my feet and by my hands."
  • troopers Some tried to get out of the window on one side of the hut, but Guy, Hector, and I shot them down as they reached the ground, thus putting a stop to any others escaping in that direction; while the sergeant and his troopers , bursting into the hut, soon had several of the rest secured by their necks.
  • co-adjutants
  • co-adjuvant
  • cock-a-doodle-dooed
  • cock-a-doodle-doos
  • coetaneousness
  • surround-sound

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