What is the correct spelling for TRAPPS?

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Correct spellings for TRAPPS

  • craps Ole marse he set up an' he talk 'bout de weather an' de craps , an' he specks de 'lection gwine discomfuse things, an' he read de paper an' he know more 'n de paper do, an' he read de Bible an' he know more 'n de Bible do, an' all de time he ain' got de sperrit uv a chicken."
  • taps Mrs. Wilson taps the chair-arm impatiently.
  • traipse A sou's worth of bread every morning, as I traipse through the ministries, is all I get....
  • trap "They won't look at the trap until morning.
  • trapeze She swung and made a flying leap across the tent and caught a bar, and every time I gave a tap on the big drum just as she grasped the trapeze .
  • trapped As they both reached the ground, he understood what enemy had nearly trapped him in his own fortress.
  • trapper As a possible index in the matter I might suggest that I have rarely made an observation, however incredible it seemed to me at the time, without sooner or later finding some Indian or trapper or naturalist who had seen a similar thing among the wild creatures.
  • trappist Durtal in his alarm dared not look at the confessor, in whom he recognized the tall Trappist , with the imperious profile, whom he believed to be the abbot of the monastery.
  • tripos With Mr. Juxon at hand from year's end to year's end, the owner of the Hall, of the Billingsfield property and according to all appearances of other resources besides,-with such a man constantly devoted to her, could Mrs. Goddard be expected to wait for poor John three years, even two years, from the time of the examination for the classical Tripos ?
  • troops We do not even know what these new troops will say to this thing."
  • Trays Suddenly she saw him give a bit of a start, and he seemed to be watching the slaves, who were carrying round trays of little china cups full of some native wine.
  • Traps If Farmer Brown's boy should come out to look at his traps, he would see that track at once, and all he would have to do would be to follow it until it led him to Unc' Billy.
  • Rapes At the same time a harvest-wagon, loaded with rapes and drawn by four horses, came into the yard.
  • drops This time I saw that the drops were large, and they were drops of blood!
  • wraps She couldn't be kept under wraps forever.
  • straps If you should take a course in political economy under a respectable professor, you would find him explaining that such cruelty-terror applies equally in human affairs; it is the basis of all economic science, and the effort to escape from it is like the effort to lift yourself by your boot-straps.
  • trips At the south end of Jenny Lake, near the ranger station, there is maintained an excellent string of saddle and pack horses with good equipment for short or long trips .
  • tramps If "material progress" has a tendency to multiply "tramps" or able-bodied paupers, the tendency must be weak, indeed, when a little judicious management on the part of public bodies, or of working men themselves, would not only counteract it, but turn the current so strongly the other way.
  • raps Through the left wall came a sharp trilogy of raps .
  • trumps Your partner holds two trumps -six, nine; your adversaries right and left have knave and ace; B on your right leads trumps -what would you do?"
  • drapes I unhitches it gentle and drapes it over a nearby screwhead.
  • TARPS The few cabins which had escaped the conflagration had been pre-empted by the first-comers, while the later arrivals pitched their tents and shelter tarps close against the logs of the unburned portion of MacNair's stockade.
  • DRIPS Where it drips there it remains.
  • TAPES I'll want to hear those tapes.
  • trams I wandered wistfully along the line, wondering if there were no public conveyances of any kind at the Grand Central, besides the trams which were as appalling as a procession of African lions.
  • trappers It was also spoken and understood by the pioneers, settlers and trappers through all this vast region.
  • tromps James van Tromp, she informed Diane, as they lay covered with rugs in their steamer-chairs, had been gruff in manner, but kind in heart, like all the Van Tromps she had ever heard of.
  • frappes
  • Tapas One object of Tapas is to obtain abnormal powers by the suppression of desires or the endurance of voluntary tortures.
  • troupes Later Max Strakosch was with Thalberg, after which he was connected with the importation of various opera troupes having in their lists such singers as Madame Gazzaniga, Madame Coulsen, Albertini, Stigelli, Brignoli, and Susini.
  • tropes Perhaps Miss Keeldar thought him a little too fond of reading and reciting these compositions; perhaps she wished the rhyme had possessed more accuracy, the measure more music, the tropes more freshness, the inspiration more fire.
  • absterging
  • mergence
  • multi-stage
  • custardy

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