What is the correct spelling for TRBIE?

If you've mistakenly typed "trbie", worry not! The correct spelling you're looking for is "tribe". It refers to a social group sharing common ancestry, culture and traditions. Remember to proofread and use spell-checkers to catch such errors and ensure clear and accurate communication.

Correct spellings for TRBIE

  • rbi The RBI has ordered a probe into the matter.
  • Terrie I need to call Terrie so I can reschedule our appointment.
  • tibia She broke her tibia in a ski accident.
  • Tibiae The tibiae are the longer of the two bones in the lower leg.
  • trace I couldn't trace the source of the strange smell in the kitchen.
  • Tracie Tracie is my best friend and we have known each other since preschool.
  • trade I'm going to trade my apple for your banana.
  • trail I followed the trail of markings through the woods.
  • train I'm looking forward to the train ride home.
  • trait She has a trait of being very organized.
  • treble The singer hit a high treble note that impressed the audience.
  • tree I climb the tree to get the apples.
  • tribe The tribe gathered around the fire to listen to their chief's stories.
  • trice Though he had only eaten three slices of toast for breakfast, Trice felt satisfied.
  • tried I've tried that before.
  • trier As a trier himself, he respected even those who failed but put forth their best effort.
  • tries She tries her best to please everyone, but sometimes it's just not possible.
  • trig I'm trying to trig this equation.
  • trike My niece is riding in the trike with her parents.
  • trim I need to trim my hair before bed.
  • trio A trio of friends enjoy a night out on the town.
  • trip She planned to take a trip to Europe next year.
  • tripe I have no intention of eating the tripe portion of this sandwich.
  • trite The speaker's argument became trite after he repeated the same points multiple times.
  • trope
  • trove I discovered a trove of old photos in my closet.
  • truce The two countries finally agreed to a truce after years of conflict.
  • true
  • tube I used to wear a tube top all the time.

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