What is the correct spelling for TREDLE?

If you've misspelled "tredle" and are looking for the correct suggestions, you might mean "treadle", which refers to the foot-operated lever on a sewing machine. Other possibilities could be "treacle", a type of thick syrup or "trestle", a framework used to support a bridge or table. Double-check your intended word for accurate spelling.

Correct spellings for TREDLE

  • bridle He tightened the bridle around the horse's head before mounting.
  • cradle The mother held her baby gently in the cradle of her arms.
  • tiredly She yawned tiredly and rubbed her eyes after a long day at work.
  • toddle As I watched the little girl toddle down the street, I couldn't help but smile at her cute waddle.
  • trade The United States and China have been engaged in a trade war for several months.
  • treacle I love the taste of treacle on my toast in the morning.
  • treadle She carefully worked the treadle of the sewing machine with her foot.
  • treadled Rather than taking the stairs, I opted to treadled my way up.
  • treadles The weaver operated the loom with their feet, moving the treadles to create different patterns in the fabric.
  • treble The treble notes echoed through the concert hall.
  • Treddle
  • Trendle
  • trestle The workers assembled a trestle bridge to cross the river.
  • trifle She couldn't help but feel that losing her job was a trifle compared to the fact that she had finally achieved her lifelong dream of traveling the world.
  • triple I ordered a triple shot espresso to give me enough energy for my busy day.
  • trundle The little girl watched the ants trundle along the ground.