What is the correct spelling for TRIENG?

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Correct spellings for TRIENG

  • daring The world is a daring fancy, And finished yesterday.
  • drink My mother and I we drink with more pleasure the tea, and of tea we ourselves have a little.
  • rink Went to a skating-rink a little while, To see them slide in the new-fangled style; And, strange enough, this eve a letter came From a friend-Abdiel Stebbins is his name- A cousin of my aunt, Sophia Dean; A wise old man, but clumsy like, and green.
  • rung I thought they’d rung the bells on them even at Marillo.
  • strong Or do they think us too strong of will, too firm of purpose?
  • strung In other words, she felt strung up to a high pitch of emotion.
  • tearing She might pray and pray, but when she arose from her knees, the elements of struggle would be there still, tearing at her, filling her soul with pain.
  • tiring I am so sorry that I alone shall sleep while you will be tiring yourselves-" "On the contrary, we shall have time to nap.
  • touring The next two years were mainly spent in touring on the Continent, and on his return Robert Foulis unhappily started an Academy of Art at Glasgow, which he had neither the knowledge nor the taste to direct successfully, and which sapped his energies without producing any valuable results.
  • train With a rumble the train came in sight.
  • trained On the other hand, all Germany, well trained and ready, sprang to the side of Prussia.
  • trainee Life was not without its humour, one trainee was given for his trade test two pieces of green wood to weld together, and he tried.
  • trainer "I'd sooner be a dog nor a trainer," he exclaimed.
  • trek We'll just trek on a few miles further, and see what turns up, but I don't mind telling you I hardly like the look of things.
  • trend Evidently he was expecting me to catch the trend if I waited long enough.
  • triage
  • triangle Particular qualities, like love, honour, faith, may and do stir emotion; and certain bundles of qualities like, for example, motherhood tend towards personification; but the normal class label like horse, man, triangle does not easily become material for art; it remains a practical utility for science.
  • trig An old bachelor who lived in a very economical style, both as regards food and clothing, and not altogether so very trig as some bachelors sometimes appear, was frequently attacked by his acquaintances on the propriety of taking a wife.
  • trike
  • trunk He ran to his trunk to get a weapon, for he was in his balloon costume, but suddenly stopped short.
  • tureen By it is piled up a dish of mashed potatoes, and a tureen of white, thick sauce.
  • turin "Siamo traditi" was the cry at Milan and Turin.
  • turing Beware perchance, as though ensnared in the meshes of an a turing net, thou become a prey and a spoil to hostile for quickly will they destroy thy well-inhabited city.
  • During Then Moses entered the cloud, and during forty days they knew not what had become of him.
  • Rang The bell rang sharply.
  • Tarring I can study the tarring of boats till her ladyship appears.
  • Taring Five seconds wasted already, taring at me!
  • Tong And the little social festivities-ah, Manley, if you only knew how I tong for something rough and real in my life!"
  • Treeing Guapo had a strong desire to eat roast marimonda that very night; and, had he not been held back by Don Pablo, he would never have allowed the monkeys to get quietly out of the zamang-for it being an isolated tree, it would have afforded him a capital opportunity of "treeing" them.
  • Tricking She began to wait for his kiss, first in genuine expectation, later with a semi-conscious tricking of the imagination.
  • Tron Our first stage presented nothing remarkable; but the next, St. Tron, was a remarkably neat little town.
  • Trug Kund ist dir, dass ich nie mit verstelltem Herzen gesprochen; Glaube mir nur, es steckt nicht Trug noch Falsches dahinter.
  • Trent The time and trouble required for the altered quotation references have been reduced to a minimum by the thoughtful kindness of my friend Miss Fanny Carey of Trent Leigh, Nottingham; who voluntarily, many months ago, prepared for me a list of the new page numbers, leaving them only to be transcribed when the time came.
  • Trina This Trina was a fine rosy wench, and my Lord Duke took a fancy to her then, so that she looked with great jealousy on any one that threatened to rob her of his favour.
  • Tran The Gawler discharges itself into a deep channel or inlet, which, like the creek at Port Adelaide, has mangrove swamps on either side; still the inlet is capable of great improvement, and the anchorage at its mouth, so high up the gulf is safe, and if it were only for the shipment of goods, for tran-shipment at Port Adelaide, Port Gawler as it is called, would be of no mean utility, but it is probable that ships might take in cargo at once, in which case it would be to the interest of the northern settlers to establish a port there.
  • DENG "In Deng there were quite a number of dervishes and negroes.
  • truing If we have no pattern we may turn at each end of the part that is to be taper a short parallel place, truing it up and leaving it larger to the same amount at each end than the finished size, and taking care that the parallel part at the small end will all turn out in the finishing.
  • tang Tang dynasty, 28, 44 Taochung iron mine, 234 Taoism, 43, 187 ff.