What is the correct spelling for TRILIPX?

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Correct spellings for TRILIPX

  • prolix Second: "It is diffuse, prolix ."
  • relax From that time matters between the two moved smoothly as at first; but Elizabeth did not relax her vigilance.
  • telex Since Tsukuba is to be our destination as well, I can just telex the Imperial Household and instruct them to arrange a viewing date.
  • traipse But no; Mrs. Bowers said it did her rheumatic shoulder no good to traipse around nights,-that was her expression,-and Mr. Bowers actually told me that he was too busy organizing political meetings to want to attend them.
  • treelike The rising sun of Japan blazed above her trucks, on the wearer's treelike neck; weird serpents and smoke-breathing dragons writhed about his arms from wrist to shoulder, and a red star on the back of one gnarled hand kept watch and watch with a blue star on its opposite member.
  • trellis In Number Forty-seven there were pink roses in the front sitting-room and blue roses in the back, and, upstairs, quiet, graceful patterns of love knots or trellis work.
  • triceps 9. Where are the biceps and triceps muscles?
  • trillions The star was indeed several trillions of miles away.
  • trilogy His most important works were a romance, a dramatic poem, Don Juan,-and the dramatic trilogy , The Death of Ivan the Terrible, Tsar Fedor Ivanowitsch and Tsar Boris.
  • tripos Schools for his Tripos speeche."
  • trollop An' you lazy trollop !
  • trollope It was the possession of this that distinguished Thackeray, George Eliot, Trollope , Leech, and du Maurier.
  • troops The troops must win.
  • tropic This took us through the cantonments and past officers' houses on the low ground, amongst barracks, and soldiers in khaki and rolled up shirt sleeves, smoking their pipes under palms and tropic trees; with the lap of Indian Ocean on the shore to the west, and Bombay on the left and east.
  • tropics "You can't call anything unusual in the tropics ," laughed Jack.
  • Traps Some schoolboys in Ireland used frequently to set traps for catching birds.
  • Drills The dull thud of axes fell from a gully that rent the mountain-side, and now and then a mass of shattered rock came crashing down, while the sharp clinking of the drills broke intermittently through the hoarse roar of the fall.
  • trails Transport mules passed in long trails .
  • trips Then there was Helen's allowance, which we used for horseback riding, week-end trips , old books, and little luxuries.
  • trials Was he-and are we- fallen angels, working our way back to our first estate through many trials and much suffering?
  • tricks You see, Reddy Fox had played so many tricks to try and catch Peter that Peter was not quite sure that this was not another trick.
  • trolls A question of that sort might be the very thing to rouse the trolls .
  • trills Richard Linnell felt as if he would have liked to box the Major's ears with the back of the violin he held; but, mastering his annoyance, he stood up, raised it to his shoulder, and drew the bow across the strings, playing in the most perfect time, and with the greatest expression, the first bars of a sweet old duet, the soft mellow viola taking up the seconds; and then, as the players forgot all present in the sweet harmony they were producing, the notes came pouring forth in trills , or sustained delicious, long-drawn passages from two fine instruments, handled by a couple of masters of their art.
  • trollops 'Which she looks like a sick cat in the face, an' a greyhoun' in the waist,' says Missis Rucker; 'an' I ain't got mortal use for no sech spindlin' trollops as this yere Abby girl is, nohow.
  • DRIPS Then he took hold of David's wrist, but he left the brush in David's hand, and he moved it the way it ought to go, and he swept up all the little rivers of paint and all the little drips, and spread it smoothly over the clapboard.
  • TULIPS One high tree had dropped a mat of purple flowers, as large as tulips, across the dried grass and brown leaves at its foot.
  • triples The bill triples the size of our national wilderness system, increasing its size by 56 million acres.
  • relics Such were his relics .
  • trailers Looking upward he saw, far above in the blue sky, smoke trailers and little, darting planes.
  • triplets Now it is drenched with sunrays from a vaporless sky, and the white-throat is singing all around us-not the usual three sets of three notes, but seven triplets .
  • trilogies We must keep ourselves reminded that the ancient Athenian custom of presenting dramas in Trilogies - -that is, in three consecutive plays dealing with different stages of one legend-was probably not uniform: it survives, for us, in one instance only, viz.
  • Rolex Me imma pimp I aint paying for no sex Man I'd rather buy a car Or a new rolex – Like a Pimp by Lil' Flip
  • triplex
  • aircools
  • counterstrikes
  • emplaning
  • mergence
  • sport-utility
  • four-foot-high

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