What is the correct spelling for TROBBED?

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Correct spellings for TROBBED

  • crabbed Whittington, however, was too kind-hearted to keep all himself; and accordingly made a handsome present to the captain, the mate, and every one of the ship's company, and afterwards to his excellent friend the footman, and the rest of Mr. Fitzwarren's servants, not even excepting crabbed old Cicely.
  • robed It should be remembered that one eighth of the country lies within the region of perpetual snow, and that these lofty and nearly inaccessible heights are robed in a constant garb of bridal whiteness.
  • troubled Jane heard her in troubled silence.
  • Drubbed Clytie, meanwhile, had drubbed a glad welcome upon the adjoining window and then rushed out bareheaded to give greeting.
  • Grabbed In a flash the other man was up and had grabbed the surprised Alexander.
  • Grubbed They seem to appear in numbers upon those oak bushes rather than trees which spring up when an oak has been cut down but the stump has not been grubbed up.
  • Robbed Perhaps it is enough to answer that many years of solitude in a strange land had robbed him of his fluency.
  • Rubbed About half way around he stopped suddenly and rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not dreaming.
  • Throbbed His heart throbbed gladly at the thought of her safety.
  • Tombed Casket-breasts they give, nor hide, For a tyrant's flattered pride, Mind, which nourished not by light, Lurks the shuffling trickster sprite: Whereof are strange tales to tell; Some in blood writ, tombed in bell.
  • Trebled At the discovery all his fears returned with trebled force.
  • Trolled Of course the boys assented eagerly, but as it was found that only Frank and Harry were expert canoeists, it was agreed that the others should fish from the bank while the two young leaders trolled their lines from a native built craft.
  • Trooped A minute later, eight bells went, and we trooped away aft for roll-call.
  • Trotted For a moment the beast stood regarding them, then turned and trotted off in a leisurely fashion.
  • Cribbed Some of his old pals cribbed it, I guess, or Jimmy may have fixed it with them to remove it.
  • Probed And it was by questions such as these, which I could answer with exact precision myself, that I ascertained not only the integrity and worth of his memory, which we all know in aged persons retains with freshness the incidents of youth, but his capacity of combination which, in the degree in which he possessed it, was extremely rare in young or old; and from the nature of my pursuits for the time in question I may be said not only to have tested his powers of recollection, but to have probed the depth of his knowledge in relation to the history of Virginia and its cognate topics more effectually than it was the privilege of any one else to do; and my admiration of his talents and of his resources increased to the last.
  • trouped Past and present they trouped before him, thoughts that spanned years of time and covered leagues of country, yet long before Harrigan had finished with his question Steve knew how he was going to answer it.
  • tabbed When we tabbed up the Io's receipts that year they were so good Min and I decided to take a month off for an Earthside vacation.
  • Ribbed
  • trowed
  • cryptanalyzes

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