What is the correct spelling for TROUW?

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Correct spellings for TROUW

  • brow He kept his mind as blank as possible, while his brow broke out in a cold sweat.
  • crow In the United Provinces the king-crows appear to be as numerous in winter as in summer: in the Punjab they are very plentiful in summer, but rare in the cold weather; while not a single king-crow winters in the N.
  • draw One object draw s another when it moves it toward itself or in the direction of its own motion by the exertion of adequate force, whether slight or powerful. To attract is to exert a force that tends to draw , tho it may produce no actual motion; all objects are attracted toward the earth, tho they may be sustained from falling. To drag is to draw against strong resistance; as, to drag a sled over bare ground, or a carriage up a steep hill. To pull is to exert a draw ing force, whether adequate or inadequate; as, the fish pulls on the line; a dentist pulls a tooth. To tug is to draw , or try to draw , a resisting object with a continuous straining motion; as, to tug at the oar. To haul is to draw somewhat slowly a heavy object; as, to haul a seine; to haul logs. One vessel tows another. In the figurative sense, attract is more nearly akin to incline, draw to induce. We are attracted by one's appearance, draw n to his side. Compare ALLURE; ARRAY; INFLUENCE.
  • drew The Mary girl drew back sharply.
  • grow Now don't let th' grass grow undther yer flat feet, ye divil.
  • prow He turned the prow of the cutter toward the cliffs.
  • roue "That this scoundrel-this roue -this libertine-dared to cast his vile eyes on as sweet and pure a girl as ever breathed.
  • rout While he did this, Israel prevailed; but the slow progress of the victory reminds us of these dreary centuries during which we are just able to discern some gradual advance of the kingdom of Christ on earth, but no rout , no collapse of evil.
  • row Snipper was clearly in the wrong, and, as Natalie had called on Leo for assistance, he did not dare raise a row .
  • taro Taro accepted at once, and the combat was joined.
  • throw Shall I throw the old thing into the fire, Connie?
  • torah The orphans are given free meals by the householders and study in the Talmud Torah .
  • tore She tore open the end of the envelope with eager fingers and drew out a folded sheet of note paper.
  • torus At this time each pistil loosens from the torus and can be easily removed, especially if some animal touch the hooks.
  • tory They sat and drank tea and abused the Tory Government.
  • tour It is easily accessible from Bergen, as during the summer steamers sail thither three times a week, making the entire tour of the fjord.
  • tout To me 'tis neither lip, glance, nor tress: 'tis the tout ensemble-lips, nose, eyes, cheeks, and chevelure-soul and body all combined!
  • tow The acrobat, with his two small boys in silver-spangles and flesh-colored tights, was present and especially active, besides the conventional individual who eats tow and blows fire from his mouth.
  • tray Quickly, noiselessly, he brought forward an invalid table and placed on it a tray .
  • tree In the meantime Mea and Kali, having cut off fruit from the bread-fruit tree , loaded the horses with it, and the little caravan proceeded.
  • trey Presently Portlaw began in a babyish-irritated voice: "I've buried the deuce and trey of diamonds, and blocked myself-" "Oh, shut up!"
  • trio She wondered if the "Terrible Trio " would be there.
  • troll "It's no troll , Katrina," he said.
  • troop A loud uproar in the street without, in which the sound of troop -horses passaging to and fro could be distinguished, now interrupted the colloquy.
  • trope Even when it has lacked the quality which fills the reader with ecstasy, the trope has been called poetry just because it was a trope .
  • trot If you ask me, I'm going to trot alone; I'd rather be lonesome than good, any old time.
  • troth That was their troth plight; and soon after they were married.
  • trough "You see she won't bear it, miss," cried he, as the boat plunged fearfully into the trough of the sea.
  • troupe Before hee had gone a hundred paces, he intreated D'Eurre to lend him one of his troupe , to carry some message of his remembrance, and of his miserie, to a ladie that attended him.
  • trout Nasmyth had come there to fish, after a long day of tolerably arduous labour, but he did not expect much success, though the trout rise freely just after sunset in those rivers.
  • trove Helen regarded her treasure trove critically.
  • troy Unlike the many medieval redactors of the Troy story, however, he does not assume the historian's liberty of selection and combination from a variety of sources.
  • true If I bear witness of Myself, My witness is not true .
  • try But the egg wouldn't stand for the man, try as hard as he could.
  • tyro A young legal tyro might find profit as well as entertainment in carefully studying others of Mr. Skimpin's adroit methods in cross examination.
  • Trod He trod close by his tall superior with visible fondness; enjoying this spectacle of a man the like of whom he had not seen on the frontier.
  • Tron Whate'er he wins, I'll guide with canny care, And win the vogue at market, tron, or fair, For healsome, clean, cheap, and sufficient ware.
  • Trow For certainly when I was born, I trow.
  • Trug Asprian, der gute Held, Trug den Kammerschatz darein, Sie eilten alle aufs Meer.
  • TR I will here state that the patient, after the withdrawal of the blood on Sunday, was ordered iron, quinine and whisky; twenty minims of Tr .
  • truer If this be true of the Netherlands, it is even truer of the two countries with which we have still to deal in this rapid survey, Spain and England.
  • trows There are plenty of fish in the water; if I hook one in 'The Trows ,' I shall let myself go whither the current takes me.
  • dawn-to-dark
  • dawn-to-darks

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