What is the correct spelling for TUIB?

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Correct spellings for TUIB

  • bib Index: Sy An associate of Sydenham's, 13. Bib .
  • cub A man's cub went this way," said Shere Khan.
  • curb Once she is my wife, ah, then I shall find means to curb her.
  • dub What nerve does it take to stack the cards against a dub ?
  • dumb "Well, the dumb boy was not satisfactory.
  • fib But will he fib ?
  • hub It is still called Knype Wakes, because once Knype overshadowed Hanbridge in importance; but its headquarters are now quite properly at Hanbridge, the hub , the centre, the Paris of the Five Towns-Hanbridge, the county borough of sixty odd thousand inhabitants.
  • jib It struck the flying jib -boom, breaking it short off and rendering that sail useless, glanced and splintered the rail close by the spot where the captain and his pilot were standing, went shrieking off over the water, and finally exploding an eighth of a mile astern.
  • nib beak, n. bill, nib , neb, mandible; prow, bow, rostrum.
  • nub And, having drawn all possible satisfaction from the other's amazement, he sprang the nub of his joke with a grin.
  • pub We rode into Solong early in the day, turned our horses out in a paddock, and put up at M'Grath's pub .
  • rib Come along, my rib -stone pippin; you and me'll go home to tea.
  • rub Here we rub our hands.
  • stub There was a heavy, stub -nosed gun suddenly in his hand.
  • sub They are settlers from the North Cachar Sub -division of the Cachar district within recent years.
  • tab He thought his strict business habits acquired through years of keeping tab on wild Nature's doings, his winter days spent outside the town, trying to hear what was in the wind, and his early spring mornings before his neighbors were astir to hear the croak of the first frog, all the training necessary to ensure success in business with the Celestial Empire.
  • tail I thought that I would just have a look behind it, and advanced, expecting that I should be able to catch a sight of the elephant's tail .
  • ti You and I are going to the ti -oven to-morrow.
  • tic The prognosis for TIC after treatment of the underlying tachyarrhythmia is generally good.
  • tie Thus a tie between Alfred and Jonathan had to be decided.
  • tin Imagine 150 very tough worms all crowded together in one tin !
  • tip "No, sir," answered Tip promptly.
  • toil They would toil and fight until they filled nameless graves.
  • tomb Inside, the house was a tomb .
  • tribe He knew Miller's red comrades belonged to the latter tribe .
  • trio Penelope "arranged" it, not without another added pang of curiosity, whereupon David Kent found himself the rather embarrassed third of a silent trio gathered about the embers of the sitting-room fire.
  • tub Once in the wash-tub, and where are they afterwards?
  • tuba Indeed, there may have been a few even whose execution in regard to consuming soup out of the side of the spoon was a thing calculated to remind you of a bass tuba player emptying his instrument at the end of a hard street parade.
  • tubby "Something coming," shouted Tubby , who, strange to say, had been the first to notice the approaching column of dust.
  • tube The special steel tube had been constructed, and mounted on a heavy carriage in a distant part of the Swift grounds.
  • tuck Tuck your fingers in there, dear.
  • tues
  • tug
  • tum Need I add that tum -tum in the Chinook jargon signifies the soul!
  • tun
  • tuna
  • tune
  • tupi
  • turf
  • turk
  • turn
  • tush
  • tutu
  • Bub "I-I bub-beg your pardon," stammered Phil as Rodney was passing.
  • Lib 15. - Relacion Anonima, Ms. - Relacion de los Sucesos del Peru, Ms. - Montesinos, Annales Ms., ano 1545. - Fernandez, Hist del Peru, Parte 1, lib.
  • Til And in tho 3 dayes, that that ryvere rennethe, no man dar entren in to it: but in the other dayes, men dar entren wel y now. Also bezonde that flomme, more upward to the desertes, is a gret pleyn alle gravelly betwene the mountaynes: and in that playn, every day at the sonne risynge, begynnen to growe smale trees; and thei growen til mydday, berynge frute: but no man dar taken of that frute; for it is a thing of fayrye.
  • Tue
  • Tull
  • Turbo
  • DUI Following the interview, Ciara performed a brief acoustic set featuring tracks from her self-titled album, including "Overdose", "DUI" and "Read My Lips.
  • Tut
  • Tim Tim, carry it to my lady, you should have carried it to my lady first.
  • Tu Us two'll take 'ee home if yu drinks tu much.
  • tubs It was ornamented by various shrubs and flowers which grew from tubs and large pots arranged against the sides of it.

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