What is the correct spelling for TUSTY?

If you typed "tusty" instead of the intended word, "trust", don't worry, it's a common error. Auto-correct may have failed you this time. To avoid confusion, ensure you double-check your spellings before hitting send or writing it down. Trust in the spell-check function to rectify these small mistakes.

Correct spellings for TUSTY

  • busty She is a busty lady with a seductive appearance.
  • dust The sunbeam shining through the window revealed the layer of dust that had accumulated on the table.
  • dusty The attic was so dusty that I had to wear a mask to avoid coughing.
  • fusty The old library had a fusty smell due to the books being untouched for years.
  • gusty The wind was very gusty, making it difficult to keep my umbrella from turning inside out.
  • lusty The two lovers indulged in a lusty embrace as they reunited after a long separation.
  • musty As soon as I entered the old attic, I was hit with the smell of musty books.
  • rusty The old bike was so rusty that it was unusable.
  • taste I have a discerning taste in wine and can easily tell the difference between a good and bad bottle.
  • tasty This pasta dish is incredibly tasty.
  • test She was relieved when she passed the driving test on her first try.
  • testy After a long day at work, my coworker was becoming increasingly testy with everyone around him.
  • toasty I love toasty ovens - they make everything so much nicer.
  • trusty I always carry a trusty backup battery.