What is the correct spelling for TWIAS?

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Correct spellings for TWIAS

  • acts age
  • acts in response
  • acts like
  • adoptive citizens
  • air-cools
  • am at home in
  • be love with
  • bear expense
  • being one duty to
  • casting a slur
  • de pend
  • dexterousdextrous
  • diablos
  • dias The letter was of course in Spanish, and Harry read: "Dear friend Dias, "I am sending out to you a gentleman, Mr. Prendergast, an officer of the British Navy, in whom I am deeply interested.
  • did what is expected
  • did what is told
  • dis-encumbering
  • dis-grading
  • dis-heartens
  • dis-organized
  • flim flams
  • flipped over
  • inside person
  • more amalgamate
  • more rapid-fire
  • more raveled
  • more roman-nosed
  • most faked
  • TEAS
  • Tics
  • ties I am his nearest male relative, and I have no ties to bind me and keep me from doing a man's part in this matter; it seems my duty.
  • TINS
  • tips
  • Towers At one time eight months; and subsequently four years in one of the towers of the celebrated Bastile.
  • TWA I'll be better in twa or three minutes."
  • twain If ever twain were blended into one, 'Twas in their case, as all who knew them own.
  • TWAS Yes, 'twas; who told you?
  • tweaks
  • twice "Don't always have to be told twice!
  • twig The crackling of a twig brought her around as a sudden tight rein does a high-strung horse.
  • twigs
  • Twila
  • twin As soon as she could leave her she went to see what was wrong, and found twin-babies making day hideous with their din, while their poor mother lay stretched on a seat, too ill to cope with them.
  • twines And besides, we have had a succession of visitors, each of whom has enjoyed our home, whilst our little Holmhurst daily twines itself more and more round our own hearts.
  • twins In selecting one of the twins to come first several considerations should have weight.
  • twirls He tosses it about; he twirls it; he takes it apart and puts it together again, and knows well beforehand where the applause will come in.
  • twist Says he'll twist the neck of any man who calls him Lord Quorn.
  • twit "That wasn't a fair twit about my sticking my nose into your affairs, Miss Nina," protested Britt, and turning from her he visited his rage vicariously on his time-keeper, taking him by the arm and starting to drag him.
  • twits
  • twos
  • Was The man was MacQueen.
  • Wis He subsequently settled in Wis-' cousin, and engaged in the lumber trade.
  • wits In writing to Mr. Fields about the story Dickens said: "It made me laugh to that extent, that my people here thought I was out of my wits, until I gave it to them to read, when they did likewise."