What is the correct spelling for TYPA?

When encountering the misspelling "typa", several correct alternatives may be suggested. One such correction is "type", which is the correct spelling referring to the action of typing. Another possible suggestion is "typo", short for typographical error, which signifies a mistake made while typing.

Correct spellings for TYPA

  • cpa I am meeting with my CPA to discuss my taxes.
  • dopa I need to take a dose of dopa to stay awake.
  • epa The EPA released a report describing the risk of lung cancer associated with smoking.
  • GPA My goal for the semester is to get a 3.5 GPA.
  • hypo
  • IPA I ordered an IPA at the bar last night and it was delicious!
  • ta I can't understand what you are trying to say, can you please repeat that sentence, ta?
  • tampa
  • tap I need to tap on the floor to find out if it's solid or not.
  • tape I need to tape this box before I can ship it out.
  • taps He tapped his foot impatiently, listening for the sound of taps on the door.
  • tara Tara is a traditional name for a female in Ireland.
  • TBA The schedule for the conference is still being finalized, so some of the keynote speakers are still TBA.
  • tea I like to have a cup of tea and read a good book in the evenings.
  • tip Could you please leave a tip for the waitress?
  • toga
  • top The cat sat on the top of the bookshelf.
  • topaz The ring was set with a beautiful, sparkling topaz stone.
  • topi The topi antelope is found in Eastern Africa and has distinctive curved horns.
  • tuba She plays the tuba in the marching band.
  • tupi Ilex paraguariensis is the tupi of the Amazonian rainforest
  • TVA TVA, or the Tennessee Valley Authority, was created in 1933 to provide electricity and economic development to the Tennessee Valley region.
  • TWA That flight was TWA.
  • TWP
  • tyke Andy is such a tyke!
  • type-a As a type-A personality, she was always striving for perfection.

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