What is the correct spelling for TYUOR?

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Correct spellings for TYUOR

  • dour But, still a little blind with the beauty of the revelation that had been granted unto her, nothing that met her gaze seemed to be in true focus except her lover's face: even the countenance of Victor swam into her ken as if blurred by veils of mist, its dour , forbidding look had no significance to her intelligence.
  • duo The mediaeval ecclesiastics expressed a great truth in that saying, so often quoted, as carrying a reproach with it: "Ubi tres medici, duo athei,"-"Where there are three physicians, there are two atheists."
  • dyer When, at the last, it came that a tapestry was but a painting in wool, with as many thousand differently united threads as would reproduce the shading of brush-blended paint, the whole thing fell of its own weight, and we of to-day value less the unlimited pains of the elaborate dyer and weaver than we do the simpler work.
  • tabor Gaffat, a small hillock about four miles from Debra Tabor , was assigned to them as a place of residence.
  • tao My use of pantheistic in particular may raise objection, but it seems to me that Tao , however hard to define, is analogous to Brahman, the impersonal Spirit of Hindu philosophy.
  • tar He ate that jam, and said it was bully, in his sinful, vulgar way; and he put in the tar , and said that was bully also, and laughed, and observed "that the old woman would get up and snort" when she found it out; and when she did find it out, he denied knowing anything about it, and she whipped him severely, and he did the crying himself.
  • taro At some of them as many as one hundred and sixty pigs and turtle and six thousand yams and taro are consumed in two days, and at the Annual Meeting of the Chiefs the food provided by the entertainers reaches more than ten times that amount.
  • tau You delivered a blow to Lumbrilo's pride; he won't be satisfied with just your burning, the captain answered Tau , not if I'm any judge of character.
  • taylor He himself returned to the corner where Taylor , the detective-inspector who had greeted them when they drove up, was waiting.
  • tenor The Judge was moved by this earnest appeal, coming upon him so unexpectedly; and not only moved, but startled and alarmed by the tenor of what was said.
  • timor And one was there, a stripling on a small and weedy beast, He was something like a racehorse undersized, With a touch of Timor pony - three parts thoroughbred at least - And such as are by mountain horsemen prized.
  • toe But expectation stood so long on tip-toe that it grew tired, and came down a few inches.
  • too It is my destiny ever to arrive too late!"
  • tor For whatever reason, symbols of the Grass blossomed on the Arc de Triomphe, on the Brandenburger Tor , on the pavement of the Ringstrasse and on the bridges spanning the Danube between Buda and Pesth.
  • tore Charles Sweet, who tore the paper snow?
  • torn "I should have seized her, and torn her from her house!
  • tort This principle governs the recovery of all compensatory damages, whether the underlying claim is based on contract, tort , or both.
  • tory One was of an ancient Scottish house which had fought for Mary against the Lords of the Congregation, followed Prince Charlie to Culloden, and were High Church and Tory to the last drop of their blood.
  • tour The few months that intervened between his election and the opening of the new Parliament were snatched by Churchill for a lecturing tour at home, and in the United States and Canada.
  • tout "Tout de suite, monsieur," she said, quickly, and disappeared with the teapot.
  • tow The tow -line was now attached from our ship to the British America, and in company with two other vessels, we followed fast in her foaming wake.
  • toy "A child's penny toy will hide a great mountain if held too near the eyes.
  • tudor Then before he had time to lower his rifle, Tudor Brown received a bullet in his forehead, and fell forward on his face.
  • tumor These differences in the structure and appearance of the tumor are frequently associated with certain modifications of growth and clinical properties.
  • tumour Accordingly one day after the tumour , by the application of a few poultices, was getting better, the doctor contrived to drop upon the removed poultice a little maggot, for the extraction of which he assumed to himself no small degree of merit.
  • turf They don't suit here; you want something richer amongst the old buildings, and on the beautiful velvety turf of the gardens.
  • turk The inhabitants fancy I am a Turk , and ask me to speak Turk ish.
  • turn In the curious, unreal light that flooded the world, he saw her turn , and caught the gleam of her surprised eyes.
  • tutor The loss of the scholarship drove Kalipada to do extra work as a private tutor and to stick to the same unhealthy room in the lodging house.
  • tyler I tell you what, Mr. Tyler .
  • typo Changes have only been made where a printers typo was reasonably certain.
  • tyre 4, these enemies are expressly distinguished from those who had effected the dispersion of the people, and the distribution of the land: "And ye also, what have ye to do with Me, O Tyre and Sidon, and all the borders of Palestine?"
  • tyro The tyro may learn how to prepare the simplest dish or the most elaborate.
  • Tue Tower BuildingsTue Brook HouseUniversity Hostel, Greenbank LaneVillage Cross, West DerbyThe Vines Public House, Lime StreetWalker Art GalleryWapping Dock (warehouse)Wellington Rooms (Irish Centre)Wellingtons ColumnWilliam Brown Library Grade IIOver 2400 b
  • Yer
  • You
  • Your
  • Yow Why folowe yow the flyeng.
  • yurt
  • Ty Here, kitty, kitty, poor kit-ty, do please to lie still and eat it!
  • Tu But 'tisn' that, though I bain't so strong as I was to du all the work be meself; 'tis what he's a-thinking now he've a-lef' home an' 'tis tu late to come back if he wants tu.
  • tours These tours lasted for months or years, and always included Paris and a protestant French university.
  • WYO
  • TR German popular fairy tales tr. by Boldrey.
  • YO
  • TORS On those sides of these giant tors, however, which are less precipitous, miniature forests are sometimes found, and absolutely impassable jungles.
  • you'd
  • truer If an inhabitant of another planet should visit the earth, he would receive, on the whole, a truer notion of human life by attending an Italian opera than he would by reading Emerson's volumes.
  • unenthused

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