What is the correct spelling for UBITES?

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Correct spellings for UBITES

  • Unities Shakspere, recalling some such discussion may have said to himself, "Well, here is a play as fantastic as possible, and just to show Benjamin what can be done, I will keep it in strict accord with his classical Unities of Time and Place."
  • Utes When she said that the Utes rushed upon her and shot her with arrows, so that she died.
  • abates We have some bad moments yet, but the fever gradually abates .
  • abets At last they agreed to complain against several particular articles, to lay which before the Great Council deputies appeared in Zurich on the 21st of March, 1524. The deputy of Schaffhausen, not being authorized to make special complaint, withdrew from the others, who then made a report, of which the following is the substance: With pain, we see the increase of the new, unchristian Lutheran religion in the Confederacy; with pain, that Zurich abets the mischief.
  • abides There everlasting spring abides , And never-withering flowers; Death, like a narrow sea, divides This heavenly land from ours.
  • abodes Mr. Dainopoulos hurried past these abodes .
  • abuts At D there was not only seen a distinct cliff, eight or ten feet high, of Coralline Crag, running in a direction N.E. and S.W., against which the Red Crag abuts with its horizontal layers, but this cliff occasionally overhangs.
  • bites The latter receive bites most frequently on the hind legs and in the hips and about the lower jaw.
  • unites To conclude, it is neither by abstract logical processes, nor yet by the dogmatic employment of scientific categories, that philosophy makes progress, but by an empirical process which unites criticism and experiment.
  • bits "As for yo' six bits , if you offer it to me I'll take it as an insult.
  • cubits 19 Moses the Meek was thirty cubits high xv.
  • units An experiment of our own in which cherry was used with vermilion gave a cross-over value of 31 units , which is a close approximation to the cross-over value of white and vermilion.
  • unties Nita unties a black lace fichu from her neck, and binds it round the child's neck; then she smooths her hair.
  • BATES "Certainly, William," said Mr. Bates .
  • UNITAS Among the letters lying unopened on his writing-table he found a letter from one of the officials of the Unitas , calling his attention, politely and respectfully, to that oversight upon his part.
  • arbiters He was free from that narrow minded policy based upon self, which is too prominent at the present day among those who assume the high responsibility of becoming the arbiters of the minds of their fellow men.
  • buttes Soon after passing Lebanon, eighteen miles from here, we reached the foot-hills of the Cascades; round, swelling, sandy buttes ; sometimes covered with short pasture-grass; generally bearing a growth of oak-brush, sprinkled with firs of a moderate size.
  • ibises These observations include numerous field trips into the region where ibises are plentiful throughout the year, especially during the breeding season.
  • orbiters Or, rather, the string of orbiters and artificial satellites around Niflheim.
  • Elites
  • bytes Master Bytes Gridley was greatly exercised about the two "preposterous names," as he called them, which in a moment of eccentric impulse he had given to these children of nature.
  • obits He had given Sir Thomas a promise that he would not raise money on post-obits on his uncle's life, and hitherto he had kept that promise.
  • orbits If the hand alone is insufficient, the blunt hooks may be inserted in the orbits or in the angle of the mouth, or a noose may be placed on the lower paw, and by traction the head will be easily advanced.
  • bides Now it bides over a water-trough with a white-thorn tree rising up above.
  • adjudicatures
  • adjustabilities
  • adjuvants
  • backnumber

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