What is the correct spelling for UDGET?

It seems that "udget" is a common misspelling of the word "budget". To avoid confusion and make accurate suggestions, consider using spell checkers or autocorrect features in writing applications. Additionally, double-checking spelling through dictionaries or online resources can help prevent this error and ensure correct usage of the term "budget".

Correct spellings for UDGET

  • beget The father's attitude towards life seems to beget an optimistic outlook in his children.
  • Budged
  • budget We need to be on a budget this month.
  • edge I need to get that edge off my knife before it dulls.
  • edged The blade had a sharp edged so that it could easily pierce skin.
  • edger It is important to keep your lawn and edger well maintained to ensure a neat and tidy appearance.
  • edges The sharp edges of the rock created an unsafe climbing surface.
  • fidget
  • Fudged It was Fudged results that led to his firing.
  • gadget I'm thinking about getting a new gadget for Christmas.
  • get I have to get myself organized before my presentation.
  • Judged The jury of twelve were judged to have been impartial.
  • midget I refuse to call her a midget.
  • nudged I nudged her hand away and got up.
  • nugget She craved a nugget of wisdom from her guru.
  • PUGET Puget Sound is a large inlet of the Pacific Ocean, located in the northwestern part of Washington state.
  • roget The Roget's Thesaurus is a useful tool when searching for synonyms.
  • udder A dairy cow's udder can hold anywhere from 30-80 pounds of milk.
  • urge I was feeling a sudden urge to get up.
  • Urged He was urged to come home by his wife.
  • urgent The doctor said it is urgent that she goes to the hospital right away.
  • urges She always had urges to travel to different countries and experience new cultures.
  • widget I don't know how to use this widget.