What is the correct spelling for UJSING?

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Correct spellings for UJSING

  • accusing Well, we got out of it all right, so there is no need of accusing them.
  • aging So he has no choice but to take in his aging parents and look after them.
  • amusing For one thing, you are much more amusing .
  • asking "You're asking me to give her up.
  • assign And what reason did she assign ?"
  • auxin In low concentrations, auxin can inhibit ethylene formation and transport of precursor in plants; however, high concentrations can induce the synthesis of ethylene.
  • casing His nest in the casing , where I had so often watched him asleep, was empty.
  • causing "At any rate," the physician continued, "what they did was order you to satisfy this curiosity that is causing all your trouble.
  • cosign
  • coursing Yet none of them had sent the warm blood coursing through his veins like quicksilver, or had stolen through his senses with such sweet heart-stirring impetuosity as did the presence of this tall, fair girl, walking serenely by his side in thoughtful silence.
  • cuisine Oh, and you must have a spirit-lamp, a little batterie de cuisine , and perhaps a tea-basket.
  • cursing It's been the best thing in my life so far, and he turned hurriedly away, cursing himself for the damned fool he was.
  • easing But he worked every man in the plant to the full limit of his powers, never once easing the strain, for any sign of relenting would have been misunderstood by the natives, who think that a white man's kindness is the same as weakness, for they respect one thing and one thing only, and that is power.
  • ensign He pulled back one end of the ensign , and looked; then he put it back quietly, and the Second Mate explained all that we knew, in a few words.
  • gassing "I'm only a man, kiddie," he observed, "and I seem to have been gassing somewhat immoderately.
  • guessing Madam Manovska from her heights above saw how her daughter was being carried, and, guessing the trouble, snatched up the velvet bag Amalia had dropped in her haste, flung her cloak about her, and began to thread her way down, slowly and carefully; for, as she said to herself, "We must not both break the bones at one time."
  • icing She cut a nice square of the cake, a beautiful chunk, black with richness as to the fruit part, yellow as to the almond, and white as the driven snow as to the icing .
  • issuing The illustration of books printed in movable type began in Italy as early as 1468, Ulrich Han issuing that year at Rome an edition of Cardinal Turrecremata's Meditationes, decorated with thirty-one rude cuts chiefly from the life of Christ.
  • kissing "Absolutely true," I answered, kissing her mouth.
  • unseeing But Mrs. Hilbery was either completely unseeing or determined to appear so.
  • urging If a woman is offered a seat she should accept it at once-without urging .
  • ursine This proceeding, grafted upon the sovereignty claimed by the Princesse des Ursine , and all her conduct with the King of Spain since the death of the Queen, resolved our King to disgrace her without appeal.
  • using If he was afraid of your using it against him, he wouldn't have given it to you at all.
  • Abusing When every one else was abusing Pip at the great dinner party, he showed his sympathy for him by putting some more gravy on his plate.
  • Eking When it is understood, that the almost universal practice in traveling, at that time, was to "camp out," the commissary department drawing its supplies from the domestic larder and corn crib, it will be perceived that "two bits" would go a good way in eking out the stores and supplying any deficiency.
  • USN
  • axing Saints presarve us, this is the third time I am afther axing ye!
  • cussing The prisoner would telephone for Hinckley, who would crawl out of bed, come downtown cussing , and bail away in sleepy tones.
  • juicing If water fasting seems impossible, try a day of juicing it; if that is too rigorous, try a day on raw foods.
  • goosing
  • acing

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