What is the correct spelling for UPPRE?

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Correct spellings for UPPRE

  • ape His long, ape-like arms enabled him to reach over the gunwale without bending much to either side; and only with these did he appear to make any exertion-his body remaining perfectly immobile.
  • apparel It is mostly men's apparel that I get.
  • apple "I have never heard of that special apple, and I dislike its name," said Miss Sophia.
  • apprise When idolaters thought it best not to let the Pope into a scheme for slaying Elizabeth, it is hardly probable that Protestants would apprise their leading preachers.
  • approve "You don't approve of this proceeding, sir, I suppose," said the Judge.
  • apr The market was falling in April.
  • are 3825. Where are they?
  • ire The question, simple as it was, proved an unlucky one, for the ire of Uncle Billy arose at once.
  • opera A night at the opera would do you good.
  • oppress We sat side by side for several hours, and I was on the point of making some observation to him about the book I was reading merely for the sake of rousing him from the melancholy thoughts which seemed to oppress him.
  • ore Later, he would tell Duarte about the ride from Cerrorico in the engine cab of an ore train, and hopping off at dawn at the Monte Azul station, and being met by a Pepe Delgado who wore a freshly washed and ill-fitting reservist's uniform and drove a small army lorry.
  • pare Was it not more likely that the child's insight had been utterly at fault, and that his image had long since been banished from the mind and heart of one go pare, so true, to whom all disguise was hateful?
  • parer We dry a few apples; use a parer, corer, and slicer; it is satisfactory; then pack them in flour sacks; but it does not pay.
  • pore I'm willin' that people shall try their own ways, so long as they save their sowls; but pore, helpless bits of childer that can't know!
  • pr I dare say you've heard of that very painful case-daughter of a well-known Greek Pr...."
  • prey If they cross it once in search of prey, they seldom return.
  • pro First of all he took out the bedding and shook it thoroughly, and then, pro-curing soap and a bucket of water, began to scrub with a will.
  • pry Hilda doesn't ask me about your business; why should I pry into her affairs?
  • pure Clean with pure water in a few days.
  • puree Besides, why did these rigid legislators, who, while fortune smiled on Bonaparte, dared not utter a word on the subject, demand, previously to the gratuitous gift just mentioned, that the 350,000,000 in the Emperor's privy puree should be transferred to the Imperial treasury and carried to the public accounts?
  • purr When all this array of pussys had saluted the Queen they sat down upon the grass and began to purr, while some indulged in a yawn behind their paws and others commenced to wash their faces; for they had just been aroused from a long nap.
  • pyre Ah you forget Though the pyre lies in ruin the fires upward sweep, The string of the harp is broken but her chords still weep, The rose is cut but it is blooming yet!
  • spare I couldn't spare him even so much as that!"
  • spire Again, substitution may be enrichment, as in the case where a wooden spire built upon a stone tower is taken down to be replaced by honest work.
  • spore The spores are globose or nearly so, with a large "nucleus" nearly filling the spore.
  • umpire He is not a leader but an umpire, otherwise he could not remain in the chair through changes of party.
  • up Now, you just speak up!
  • upper The upper class girls were not particularly interested either in Marjorie or her affairs.
  • uproar The Elder jumped up and frowned toward the place from whence the interruption came, and Milton Hibbard lifted his voice and tried to drown the uproar that rose and filled the room, but not one word he uttered could be heard.
  • urea The muscles also have been suggested as a likely source of urea, for here the proteids are broken down in largest quantities; but the muscles produce little if any urea.
  • urey
  • Ere "They are all long ere this in the world of spirits," said Captain Pinto; "for none, I think, can have escaped among all the wild crew."
  • Ope Thus they ope Their snowy lips, and speak unto each other, In the primeval language, lost to man.
  • Uprear Here falls a cold rill drop by drop, and green grass-blades uprear Their heads, and fallen leaves are thick, and locusts prattle here.
  • OPP 287, 382. Boissier, L'Opp.
  • UPI At its peak, UPI had more than 2,000 full-time employees; and 200 news bureaus in 92 countries; it had more than 6,000 media subscribers.
  • APP The thoughts expressed in App.
  • PPR The Bureau deliberated whether the PPR was not too 'sectarian.
  • purer If we knew nothing as to the identity of this woman, sitting oblivious of the children at her knee, wrapped in her own dark thoughts, we should certainly want to know something of her story and of the story of the little fellow whose eyes are breathlessly intent upon some purer, sweeter vision.
  • uppers I watched Mis' Uppers in some curiosity while Calliope explained that she was planning a dinner for the poor and sick,-"the lame and the sick that's comfortable enough off to eat,"-and could she suggest some poor and sick to ask?
  • upped And, right away, Rivers upped it to twenty-five thousand.