What is the correct spelling for URGACY?

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Correct spellings for URGACY

  • argos
  • argosy There was a wide coast to explore, and an outspread ocean without any trace whatever of the argosy which lay somewhere at its bottom.
  • argus But about this oil blaze and to-morrow's-or to-day's-issue of the Argus.
  • legacy (L!) Living legitimate, legal license, Lex' lasting longevity Luxury life, language lacing lyrical legacy – Alphabetical Slaughter by papoose
  • organ
  • organs The number and form of the teeth might have been quite different from that which we know them to be, and the construction of the stomach might have been greatly altered; and yet the functions of these organs might have been equally well performed."
  • ugly If it is in pain or sad, it is not to cry or to pull an ugly face; that would not be nice for other people to hear or see.
  • ukase But at last, in 1842, Nicholas issued his ukase creating the class of "contracting peasants."
  • uneasy There, don't you make yourself uneasy about them."
  • unsay You can't unsay it, now it's said; and saying it's no worse than thinking it.
  • urge Yet, in verity, did all be as water beside the fierce wine of my love and despair, which did urge me onward in a natural lacking of all dread, save for Mine Own.
  • urgency Therefore, M. de Tignonville, I request, nay I entreat," she continued with greater urgency, as she saw his gesture of denial, "you to stay here until he returns."
  • urging Certainly, the belief held in some quarters, and stated with an air of scientific precision, that the material environment is the active force which is ever urging to new mental development will not fit the facts; for, as we have seen, the environment to which human nature must adapt itself is mainly mental in character, that is, it is made up in an increasing measure of the products of man's own mental activity.
  • Orgies The mind so instinctively revolts at the contemplation of those orgies of priestly brutality which have made the very name of this place redolent with a fragrance of scorched Christians, that we naturally assign it an immemorial antiquity.
  • Urged "Try to help yourself a bit, daddy," he urged.
  • Ursa
  • urges "But, on the other hand, this very competition which tends to dry up the sources of demand, urges production to over-supply.
  • argues
  • ARCS
  • ERGS
  • ARC'S
  • aberrates