What is the correct spelling for UROPODEL?

If you have mistakenly typed "Uropodel", here are some possible correct alternatives that you might have intended to spell: Urodel, Eurodoll, Prodel, Roduel or Uropod. It's important to double-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication.

Correct spellings for UROPODEL

  • Brooded She brooded silently in her room, consumed by her thoughts and worries.
  • Brooder He sat alone in the corner, lost in his thoughts like a brooder.
  • Europol Europol plays a crucial role in coordinating efforts against organized crime and terrorism across European countries.
  • Propel The strong winds from the hurricane helped propel the sailboat forward.
  • Propofol The anesthesiologist administered propofol to induce unconsciousness during the surgery.
  • Proposal The couple's engagement was celebrated with a surprise proposal at a romantic dinner.
  • Propose I propose that we have a team meeting to discuss the upcoming project.
  • Proposed The proposed changes to the company's pricing strategy were met with mixed reactions from the employees.
  • Proposer The proposer outlined their plans for the upcoming project.
  • Proposes He proposes that we all meet at his house for the party.
  • Remodel We decided to remodel the kitchen to create a more open and modern space.
  • Rolodex He quickly flipped through his Rolodex to find the contact information he needed.
  • Roundel The roundel on the airplane's wing proudly displayed the airline's logo.
  • Tripodal The tripodal structure of the molecule gives it stability and allows for various bonding possibilities.