What is the correct spelling for URSURPING?

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Correct spellings for URSURPING

  • assuming Mr. Peary had his; he had refused to let Whitney bring part of mine from the North; and, therefore, he and his friends supposed that I was helpless, by assuming this false position.
  • assuring "Carlin convinced me that you would make no serious protest; and I am assuring you that these conditions are really good fortune to you.
  • gasping At length, however, his companion turned to him with a gasping expostulation.
  • issuing Prospero demanded a table like an emperor issuing a proclamation.
  • rasping Doctor Bimble's thin and rasping voice startled the Phantom out of his reverie.
  • reserpine
  • seeping Then suddenly Helen was treated to the sight of the warm red seeping up under his tan.
  • sopping Sopping isn't the word."
  • supine I remained for long supine , motionless, and unable to sleep; and thus I came to overhear the following dialogue, which was carried on in the purest Spanish, between the father and his daughter:- "'Papa,' said she, 'are the French all so much better than the Spanish?
  • supping But he was dazed; he did his work mechanically, and so distracted was he that, on going home in the evening, he forgot to remove his paper cuffs, and his wife remarked upon them while they were supping .
  • ursine I know not why, but a short time after this, the Princesse des Ursine conceived such strong suspicion of the lofty and enterprising spirit of the Princess of Parma that she repented having made this marriage; and wished to break it off.
  • using I never dreamed of using it now."
  • usurp Wait till the Murad business has all settled down, and she has seen that we are not going to usurp her land.
  • usurped She had not been able to knit during those few dreadful days in which her place had been usurped , and she had bumped after us ignominiously in a cart; and how pleasant it was not to have the ceaseless rattle just behind.
  • usurper He drew Oluski towards him, and stood erect and proud in the consciousness of right before the trembling usurper and his adherents.
  • Escaping Taking advantage of the fact that the camels stood in a close pack and that Idris might not observe him, he determined to creep over quietly to the girl's camel, not for the purpose of escaping, but to give her assistance and encouragement.
  • Lisping When you met him he was talking rapidly in a low, ill-tempered lisping voice, he continued whether you had business with him or not, and he was still at it when you bade him good day.
  • Sapping A life-sapping draught, which sealed the eyes and bleached the nose, still hissed over the frozen sea.
  • Sipping He insists on his friends taking some refreshment, will not take refusal; and such is the power of his vivacity, that they find themselves sipping Madeira and are pressed to come and dine in the evening, before one at least knows exactly where he is.
  • Ursuline He had informed the Pope of the whole affair, and with His Holiness' approval had prepared for his sister-in-law a temporary asylum in the Ursuline convent in Rome, whither he invited her to remove as soon as possible.
  • Usurping But it was not without a slight shadow of resentment that Jane, although she was sincerely fond of her future brother-in-law, saw him usurping the place that had been Paul's.
  • Soaping Then a fuller made the cloth thick and dense by washing, soaping, beating, and agitating it, with the use of a community watermill which could be used by anyone for a fixed payment.
  • usurps We should soon learn which of us twain usurps The titles of the other, as thou sayest.
  • unzipping He was unzipping his fanny pack and taking out a Gerex Corporation envelope, folded in half.
  • upping
  • de-colors
  • de-composable

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