What is the correct spelling for USEGE?

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Correct spellings for USEGE

  • age At the age of 50, he finally retired and decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of traveling the world.
  • edge He balanced on the edge of the cliff, admiring the breathtaking view below.
  • eeg The doctors decided to perform an EEG on the patient to see if there were any abnormalities in their brain activity.
  • egg I like my eggs sunny-side up with a side of bacon.
  • ego Her ego prevented her from admitting that she was wrong.
  • Eke The family tries to eke out a living on their small farm.
  • ese "Ese" is a term often used in urban Hispanic communities to refer to a close friend or homie.
  • osage Osage orange is a orange-colored tree found in the Midwestern United States.
  • sag As you age, the skin on your face may begin to sag.
  • sage I always take a sage for my salad because it adds a delicious flavor.
  • sager She enjoyed a good sushi dinner with her friends at Sager's.
  • Sarge The Sarge was mad as hell.
  • sec We need to encrypt our data using a 256-bit AES sec key.
  • sedge The pond was filled with sedge, giving it a natural and wild appearance.
  • sedgy I didn't have time for that - it was too sedgy.
  • seek I seek the council of my elders.
  • SEGA I bought a Sega Genesis for my birthday.
  • segue After discussing our travel plans, she seamlessly found a way to segue into a conversation about the latest books she's been reading.
  • SEQ SEQ stands for the South East Queensland region of Australia.
  • serge She wore a peasant skirt and a bright red serge blouse.
  • Sergei Sergei couldn't believe his ears when he heard the news.
  • siege The city was under siege by the evil army.
  • surge The surge in water caused by the typhoon has flooded many streets.
  • upsurge Thomas had an unexpected upsurge in energy.
  • urge I tried to push myself to get up, but I felt such an intense urge to stay lying there.
  • urges She silently urges herself to stay calm and not give in to her anxiety.
  • usage I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. Could you please provide more usage examples?
  • usages The diverse usages of this product make it a popular choice for many different industries.
  • USCG The USCG rescued the stranded fishermen from their capsized boat.
  • use I'll need your help to use this thing.
  • used I used to hate spinach as a kid, but now I love it.
  • user The user interface of the new app is very user-friendly.
  • users The website has millions of daily users.
  • uses The organization uses a variety of methods to collect data for research purposes.
  • USO The USO is always a hit with the military crowd.
  • USS She wore a uniform from the USS Discovery.
  • USU I use USU for WiFi.

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