What is the correct spelling for UT?

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Correct spellings for UT

  • at Una nodded, and sat down at the gypsy table. Says she: "I just 'ate to be showin' the part of me person it's at." Says I: "Don't be fussy; them doctors sees sight far more 'orrid that that." – Bessie's Boil by Robert W. Service
  • but Bellingham had shown her what words meant-words that drew light about themselves, attracting a brilliance that blinded her; words that wrought devilishness in the cover of their white light-but Bellingham had not assailed her faith. If you like our show tell ev'ryone but... If you think it stinks, keep your big mouth shut! – Goodbye! by Unknown Author
  • ct An example of IGRT would include localization of a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) dataset with the planning computed tomography (CT) dataset from planning.
  • cut For brooms they had merely to cut a handful of bushes, and to shovel out the dirt they had their hands. Eyes the shady night has shut Cannot see the record cut, – To an Athlete Dying Young by Alfred Edward Housman
  • gut This lake discharges its waters into the Saint John, by a narrow gut called Jemseg, which is about thirty rods wide and very deep. You see I want you to contest my gut 'Cos I know just where you'll end up No we'll never make it back, we're cut – Killer on the loose by faker
  • hut I left the hut . From the white man's house, and the black man's hut, I carried the little body on, The forest's arms did round us shut, And silence through the trees did run: – Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point, The by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • jut At Mill Plain the valley is crowded by ragged rock outcrops which jut into the lowland.
  • mt I had a rotten time in Mt .
  • nt 419), Commonly Called The Code of Canons of the African Church", canon 18↑ 1 Corinthians 15:22–23↑ "masculine noun baptismos 4x NT uses".
  • nut Then into the clean grate went a handful of shavings and pitch-pine kindlings, one or two bits of hard wood, and a sprinkle of small, shiny nut -coal. Damn let me 'bout to nut up uh uh, okay, wuz up, shut up – Dead In Your Chevy by FIELD MOB
  • out He ought not to have gone out -a man who has imagined himself into that hypochondriacal state. That 'ud stay in Georgy ther lifetime out, Jest scratchin' a livin' when all of 'em mought Git places in Texas whar cotton would sprout By the time you could plant it in the land. – "Thar's More In the Man Than Thar Is In The Land" by Sidney Lanier
  • pt Reise de oestereichischen Fregatte Novara um die Erde in de Jahren 1857, 1858, 1859, unter den Befehlen des Commodure B. von Wuellerstorf-Urbair, 1, pt . 2, Voegel.
  • put He put up his hand in warning, as though he feared by some occult power Madama would hear these rash and sacrilegious words.
  • rut She had plenty of time to be interested; there was really no haste for unpacking and settling back into her little country rut .
  • uk Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) defense is the responsibility of the UK
  • ult SIR: On the 1st instant, while pressed by many arduous duties, I was requested to report to the commanding general the operations of my division during the affair of the 27th, the action of the 28th, and the battle of the 29th ult .
  • un It is un worthy, shameful!
  • ur "See here, mister, I calkilate es this is yer last chance fer fifteen year ur more," put in the driver, thrusting his head in alongside his Hoosier friend's.
  • ut "I'm dom' glad to hear ut ," declared the Irishman.
  • ute * Kwagunt was the name of a Pai Ute who said he owned this valley-that his father, who used to live there, had given it to him.
  • uv Fer when I come ter think uv wot I been....
  • vt Non est igitur spiritualis, vt nec infernalis.
  • It It was a somewhat piteous spectacle.
  • T Bless you and keep you, T . R.!
  • U Transcriber's Note: This etext was produced from Planet Stories September 1952. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U .S. copyright on this publication was renewed.
  • Yt By thys tale ye may se that yt ys not wysdome for a man to be rulyd alway after his wyuys councell.
  • Tut How well he remembered it-but, tut, tut-of what avail was that?
  • Ot On October 23, 2015, Bishop won his 100th career NHL game in a 4-3 OT Lightning victory over the Winnipeg Jets.
  • Tu The air, "Ah, se tu dormi svegliati," is pathetic and passionate.
  • LT As soon as I was released from that dance, Captain Percival brought up Captain Lascelles; and somebody else, Mr. Sandford, I believe, introduced Lt .
  • ST But I think if I were in Lord St . Goram's place I should feel very unhappy."
  • UL Whilst I was at Delhi one of the leading Mahomedans of the old Moghul capital drove me out one afternoon to the great Mosque which still bears witness, in the splendour of its surviving fragments quite as much as in the name it bears, Kuwwat ul Islam, or Power of Islam, to the ancient glories of Mahomedan rule in India.
  • HT The route was run from Holloway (HT) using MCW Metrobuses, until 24 June 1995 when a single bus Potters Bar allocation was introduced.
  • ET Circum dirus "Hymers," nec pondus inutile, "Lignum," "Salmoque," et pueris tu detestate, "Colenso," Horribiles visu formae; livente notatae Ungue omnes, omnes insignes aure canina.
  • WT Lunar basalts differ from their Earth counterparts principally in their high iron contents, which typically range from about 17 to 22 wt% FeO.
  • UH One thing they couldn't seem to get over, and that was the smallness uh the blamed shack.
  • FUT Fut. esto; estote.