What is the correct spelling for UU?

For those encountering the misspelling "uu", here are a few possible correct suggestions. One alternative could be "you", which is the correct way to spell the pronoun. Another option is "too", meaning also or additionally. Lastly, "fuu" could be a playful suggestion for fans of internet memes.

Correct spellings for UU

  • au I have been learning to say the word "au" properly in French class.
  • BU
  • cu
  • Du "Du bist ein sehr guter Freund." (You are a very good friend.)
  • eu The European Union, commonly referred to as the EU, was established in 1993.
  • gu
  • lu
  • mu
  • nu
  • pu
  • ru
  • Tu
  • U
  • UH She remained silent for a moment, then finally said "uh, I'm not sure what to do next."
  • uk
  • UL
  • UM "Um, I need a few more minutes to think about my answer," she said nervously.
  • un
  • up I need to get up early for my flight tomorrow.
  • ur I can't understand what you're saying with all the "ur" and abbreviations.
  • USU The USU mascot is the Utah Sloth.
  • ut The word "ut" is commonly used in music theory to denote the first note of a major or minor scale.
  • uv The sun is shining and the sky is blue because of the uv ray.
  • wu