What is the correct spelling for UW?

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Correct spellings for UW

  • kw When things were quiet he would 'borrow' a 5 Kw transmitter and tune it in the 20 metre band.
  • nw Diplomatic representation in US: chief of mission: Ambassador Dunstan Weston KAMANA chancery: 2419 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008 telephone: [1] (202) 265-9717 through 9719 FAX: [1] (202) 332-0826
  • sw 1255-1258. This passage is a good illustration of the constant parallelism of word and phrase characteristic of A.-S. poetry, and is quoted by Sw .
  • uk The kiley is thrown into flights of wild-fowl and cockatoos, and with the dow-uk, a short heavy stick, they knock over the smaller kinds of game much in the same manner that poachers do hares and rabbits in England.
  • un Fillin' out into all a piece o' goods, ben't un ?
  • up Is Mr. Carroll Vincent up ?
  • ur As the ancient princes of Ur and Erech, of Nipur and Senkereh, as the kings of Babel-so also the kings of Assyria, as far back as our monuments allow us to go-built temples to their gods; like them they mark the tiles of their buildings with their names; like the kings of Babel, they cause inscriptions to be written on cylinders, intended to preserve the memory of their buildings and achievements, and then placed in the masonry of their temples.
  • ut Inter prospera patuerunt adversa, ut terrerentur terrigenarum corda.
  • uv I 'low yo's heerd uv how a stable wuz burned a few nights ago, at the aidge o' town?
  • wu Wu had known the excellent man formerly, so he had his name carried to him.
  • U "I used to 'farm' some and made money at it; now I'm 'engaged in the pursuit of agriculture' and can't make ends meet," commented one U .S. Secretary of Agriculture, echoing the sentiments of many small landowners.
  • W Peter, I have lived in horror,-for-fear he w-w-w-would, and-" "He never could, Betty.
  • CW As representing the Frankish form, we have more names in the sharper form cw, which is represented by q.
  • MW Unlike the earlier LS, which experimentally housed AEC and Rootes TS3 engines and the later RE experimentally using a horizontal and turbocharged version of Bristol’s own BVW engine, all MW chassis were fitted with Gardner 5HLW (5-cylinder) or 6HLW (6-cylinder) engines.
  • PW
  • UL "'Cause I'm willing to be a little homely,-now truly-if I can have a nice so-o-ul," added the child, with a true and deep feeling of her own naughtiness that I am sure the angels must have been glad to see.
  • UM Um-m-m-m-did you get it?
  • AW "Man won't git home t'-night-not unless-" "Aw, come on."
  • UAW The improper triphthongs are sixteen; awe, aye,-eau, eou, ewe, eye,-ieu, iew, iou,-oeu, owe,-uai, uaw, uay, uea, uee.
  • WW
  • OW That s'iety o' Mist' Sam's suttenly tryin' to pull the roof down on ow haids!
  • UH Uh, just happens I'm not hungry.