What is the correct spelling for VAANT?

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Correct spellings for VAANT

  • ant With great difficulty he loosened this, and tied it in a noose around the ant-bear's loins.
  • aunt Had he any cause to be ashamed of himself, Katharine wondered; and she turned to her aunt again.
  • cant That would sound like cant at this day.
  • kant Mrs. Kant looked at him, surprised, a little offended.
  • pant From joy he overturned Nell who extended her hands to him; he reared himself on Stas; afterwards whining and barking he ran round both a few times, again overturned Nell, again reared himself on Stas, and finally lying down at their feet began to pant.
  • rant This noted Rant in the Conq.
  • vacant We became indifferent to the aching vacant pain of the stomach.
  • vain Was all to be in vain?
  • valiant "Then," said Sir James, "this is that valiant gentleman whose courage I shall ever esteem."
  • van "Kristen," Van de Vliet was saying, "please.
  • vane "Because he is a permanent official," said Joseph Jocelyn De Vere Vane-Anstruther, who was coming into the room.
  • vanity But although he had a happy self-confidence, Collingwood was utterly without self-conscious vanity.
  • variant We had not yet learnt the gold-diggers' variant of a well-known proverb: "Nothing is gold that glitters."
  • vast I got upon the ice and stepped very carefully to the starboard side and looked down the vast split there.
  • vat I vas comin' home und it vas dark already yust like I tol' you, und I seen dot man come along by Ballards' house und stand by der door-long time I seen heem stan' dere, und I yust go by der little trees under, und vatching vat it is for doin' dere, dot man?
  • vaunt She had never cared for him, and his words to her had been but an empty vaunt.
  • vend Men and women catch fish by hand in the river, manufacture tapui, and in the salt industry both evaporate the salt solution and vend the salt.
  • vent Adult male having a snout-vent length of 30.0 mm.
  • viand For when the body waxeth hungry For lack of food, or else thirsty, Then with drinks pleasant I restore him out of pain, And oft refresh nature again With delicate viand.
  • wand As though some unseen magician had waved his wand, it was suddenly transformed into a land of magic.
  • want Do you want to?
  • wont Time was when thou, a kettle, Was wont to hold good matter; But Friar Bacon did thee spoil When he thy sides did batter.
  • Ain't But there ain't anybody any more to see things done as they ought.
  • Can't I can't settle any time just now."
  • Went Then he went on.
  • Vang As this Vang Khan figures somewhat conspicuously in the subsequent history of Temujin, a full account of him will be given in the next chapter.
  • Won't Won't you tell me you do?
  • vaunts The marriage he vaunts is a mere convenient arrangement for two to live together under command of nature.
  • vans They are all packed in the bottom of the vans."
  • wasn't Aye, I know it wasn't long.
  • catching at straws
  • cleared oneself
  • most flooded