What is the correct spelling for VAGAS?

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Correct spellings for VAGAS

  • gas The boy was to leave the balloon with him on the parachute, and then, when within fifty feet of the ground, fly away by himself on an immense pair of white wings filled with gas .
  • vagary But he did not believe, and he could hardly denounce his friend on a vagary .
  • vague A vague hope awoke in him.
  • vargas The evening after the decision he had attended a splendid banquet with Romero, Vargas , Mendoza, Tassis, and the next morning the prisoners, who had fallen into the hands of his men, were brought before him.
  • vega That it is moving along a straight line pointing toward Vega , and that at least a part of the velocities which the spectroscope shows in the line of sight, comes from the motion of the sun and earth.
  • wages I had my wages and my clothes, and when I found they had traced me there, I spent all I had for my horse and took my pack and struck out over the plains.
  • Sagas Then their thoughts rose on wings to pictures and music, to sagas of the North and Italian olive-groves.
  • VATS Vats for dipping cattle are built of wood, stone, or concrete, and vary in length from 30 to 100 feet or more.
  • vicars Many vicars and deans are quite romantic people, but immediately they are presented with a mitre they become uninteresting and often begin to write to the Times.
  • bags He began to cast out the heavy bags one after the other.
  • wags Such veteran roysters are daring wags when together, and will put any female to the blush with their jokes; but they are as quiet as lambs when they fall singly into the clutches of a fine woman.
  • ages Apparently his parents were friends of her father ages ago.
  • nags Cash to pay the haymakers idling about in the sheds out of the rain; cash to pay the men who manage the milk; cash to pay the woman who makes the cheese out of the surplus milk; cash to pay the blacksmith for continually re-shoeing the milk cart nags and for mending machines; cash to pay the brewer and the butcher and the baker, neither of whom took a sovereign here when he was a lad, for his father ate his own bacon, brewed his own beer, and baked his own bread; cash to pay for the education of the cottagers' children; cash, a great deal of cash, to pay the landlord.
  • tags So far as bearing on the immediate context is concerned, most of the references to source have little more meaning than the ordinary tags , "as I you say," "as you may hear," or "as I understand."
  • vans Soon the vans arrived, for they had left town early in the morning.
  • sags A cheap article sags in the brim, tears in the crown, and wets through like blotting paper the first time it rains.
  • wagers They were all men who played high; and the game soon assumed the grave character that so invariably accompanies large wagers .
  • rags My clothing was in rags .
  • lags As he moves he lags somewhat at the right knee.
  • VGA
  • HAGS Mebbe they would not like themselves to come here and try to get their living out of rocks and peat-hags."
  • MAGS "Take it a few mags at a time," he said calmly.
  • VARS More than ten thousand Vars ago."
  • WOGS She had sung it a great many times to her own little children while they were still polly-wogs.
  • VAX A laty dook me for vun of de vax vickers, and agdually abbollochised vor her misdake!
  • JAGS You'll be headed into one of your four-day jags, and you know it.
  • FAGS "I guess they call 'em fags in your country.
  • DAGS He'd do his dags for him, Billy would, if he could get at him.
  • GAGS It is illustrative of his brazen methods that he then removed the gags, and invited his victims to partake of some refreshments, "as they had a long drive before them."
  • VACS I'll take you to my uncle's, where I live in the vacs.
  • VEGANS I brought both you and a net-load of Vegans here to this oxygen-filled enclosure I had already prepared.
  • VEGAS If you send your stock to John Holman at Vegas , he'll give you ten cents a share; but I won't give you a cent.
  • ragas Only it wasn't any kind of conventional music; it seemed a mixture of Japanese flute, North Indian ragas , African drumming.
  • vogues The allegorising and the length which repel readers of to-day did not disgust generations whose favourite literary style was the allegorical, and who had abundance of leisure; but the real secret of its vogue, as of all such vogues , is that it faithfully held up the mirror to the later middle ages.
  • verges The old cathedral's great spaces were crowded, the Bishop was grandly in the spirit, and he easily led his people to that solemn line where life verges on death and death touches Immortality.
  • acquirings
  • acridnesses
  • adorablenesses
  • afterpart
  • antichrists
  • dis-comforting
  • insculpting
  • insculpts

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