What is the correct spelling for VAILD?

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Correct spellings for VAILD

  • bald He was tall, thin, and apparently past forty, with a bald forehead and thin grey hair.
  • failed He glanced into the latter's face, but the Mayor's eyes failed to play up to the sound he had put into his voice.
  • gild The grandeur of your sacrifice would gild Your life's whole shape.
  • jailed Enemies of the government were imprisoned without trial in the Bastille by lettres de cachet, which were orders for arrest signed in blank by the king, who sometimes gave or sold them to his favorites, so that they, too, might have their enemies jailed .
  • laird He was a "bonnet laird " of the best type, and his farm, which included all kinds of soil-arable and pasture, meadow and moor, hill pasture and wood-was of the value of about L300 a year, a sum sufficient in those days to make him a man of substance and consideration in the country.
  • mailed Here was the single essential detail of my letter answered three days after I had mailed my inquiry.
  • mild Now and then mild business matters call me up to London.
  • tailed Over this, Aaron put his Mutzi, the tailed frock coat that fastened with hooks-and-eyes.
  • vale Centwin of the vale arose, he seized the massy spear; terrible was his voice, great was his strength; he hurled the rocks into the sea, and broke the strong oaks of the forest.
  • valet I left my valet yesterday in Florence, and this morning I was in Rome.
  • valid She had understood, and her opinion was valid against the world.
  • valued I did not put it to myself just so, but I understood that learning and piety were the things most valued in our family, that my father was a scholar, and that piety, of course, was the fruit of sacred learning.
  • vapid On the same sofa, and side by side, sat a tall, awkward, vapid -looking personage, whom she introduced as her brother, the Duke of Altamont.
  • varied During that time I have had a wide and varied experience with men and women and girls and boys of all ages.
  • varlet Item, How my brave Lord Innocent fell down dead-with grief, some say, or with being poisoned with the stinking breath of one Ill-pause, as say others-at the hearing of his just Lord and rightful prince Shaddai so abused by the mouth of so filthy a Diabolian as that varlet Ill-pause was.
  • vault He carried the books into the vault .
  • veil "I'm not going to put on my veil until the last moment," she said laughingly.
  • veiled I had Rosalie and Marcoline with me, one on each arm, veiled in their mezzaros, and my niece was under the charge of her lover.
  • veld You may strike across the veld , but sooner or later you have to come back to the road.
  • vial The count's escritoire contains the vial of medicine of which he drank a portion on the day of his death.
  • viand
  • vila
  • vile
  • void
  • voile
  • volt
  • wail
  • walled
  • weld
  • wield
  • wild
  • wilde
  • wilt
  • wold
  • Ailed Then of a sudden the beast grew lame; I searched for a stone or a cast shoe, but neither ailed him, and plainly the ride to town that night was impossible.
  • Bailed At the same time Tom and Bob, who knew little about handling a yacht, but were ready for any emergency, bailed furiously with pails to clear the boat of water.
  • Nailed
  • Railed
  • Sailed
  • Vied
  • Wailed
  • Wald
  • Whiled
  • Val
  • Waldo
  • Wilda
  • Walt
  • Vlad
  • hailed If Aspinwall got out and hailed a private carriage, Moulin got out and hailed another carriage, and ordered the driver to keep close to Mr. Aspinwall's carriage.
  • vials
  • Voila
  • laid
  • Waled
  • inter-blends

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