What is the correct spelling for VALLOR?

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Correct spellings for VALLOR

  • allow I will never allow that. Though inward anguish damped the Sailor's brow, Yet calm he seemed as thoughts so poignant would allow. – Guilt and Sorrow by William Wordsworth
  • alloy The fearlessness of the Chicago confession was melted down into a featureless alloy .
  • caller "Yes, I heard voices, and I thought some one had come-a caller .
  • callow This callow stripling then started to show us around, and unlike Elihu, in the days of Job, who apologized for showing his opinion, seeing he was so young, asserted that once we were led by the clergy, then by lawyers, then by business men, but that now everything pointed to a great revival of the college and its influence in affairs.
  • fallow In short, they resemble the stag in all his natural habits, and the greatest difference between them is the duration of their lives: the stag, it is said, lives to the age of thirty-five or forty years, and the fallow -deer does not live more than twenty.
  • halloo Again the fierce "Halloo!"
  • hallow Rosabella thought that the chamber in which she sat was transformed into an earthly Paradise; invisible seraphs seemed to hallow by their protecting presence the indulgence of her innocent affection, and she poured forth her secret thanks to Him who had given her a heart susceptible of love.
  • mallow "There's a lot for you to learn in this business, Mallow .
  • pallor Not that that's likely, of course," he went on, suddenly realising her pallor .
  • parlor "Then let us go into the parlor .
  • sailor 11. O sailor boy!
  • sallow He was pale, but of that clear and transparent pallor which has nothing in common with the sallow hue of physical weakness; there was no trace of nervous excitement.
  • tailor It was square and flat and lay there easily in a little pocket which the tailor had contrived there.
  • tallow The two young men retired to the other end of the room and read by the tallow candle the notes scrawled on the paper.
  • taylor Master Taylor was not there; he said he would rather not act in that one; but he had the story from one who acted, but no one knew, he said, who wrote the play.
  • vale But life is a vale .
  • valley "Do not be in a hurry to leave your Happy Valley , my dear; but help to keep it so by doing your part well.
  • valor This may be astonishing to a bachelor of theology, who knows no author but St. Augustine; but, if he read the third book of the "Iliad," he will see that Paris says to his brother Hector: "If the gods have given you valor , and me beauty, do not reproach me with the presents of the beautiful Venus; no gift of the gods is despicable-it does not depend upon man to obtain them."
  • valour Beric's orders had been that Boduoc was if possible to avoid a fight, as in the open the discipline of the Romans would probably prevail over British valour .
  • value "I came down here to find out its value .
  • valuer
  • vapor
  • velar
  • velour
  • villa
  • villon "Win the girl and you win the boy," said Villon .
  • volley
  • wailer
  • wall
  • wallah
  • waller
  • wallop
  • wallow
  • wally
  • willow
  • Villi
  • Val "Marquess, Lady, and Lord Val , out to seek their fortunes.
  • Gallo Duke Renaud, general of the Gallo -Frankish troops, went to encounter him on the banks of the Eure, and sent to him, to sound his intentions, Hastings, the newly-made count of Chartres.
  • Baylor In some instances, as I mentioned a moment ago there, when President Kennedy came to the Baylor Hospital, we didn't have very much time-it is something we have to work out very rapidly, and which was done in this instance with the Chief of Police and his key men, and the security was set up on a very, very short notice.
  • viler
  • Weller
  • taller I think he hardly knew even that Esther was growing taller .

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