What is the correct spelling for VASTHU?

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Correct spellings for VASTHU

  • seth The fact is, both you and Uncle Seth annoy me exceedingly.
  • swarthy The Duchess was swarthy and masterful, very intelligent and grande dame.
  • swath We wasn't what you'd call close friends, but she cut a swath clean across a crowded dining room to tell me how well I was looking.
  • swathe Only one of them-the poet before mentioned-had ever expressed any desire to return and revisit- The shining levels and the dazzled wave Emerging from his covert, errant long, In solitude descending by a vale Lost between uplands, where the harvesters Pause in the swathe , shading their eyes to watch Some barge or schooner stealing up from sea; Themselves in sunset, she a twilit ghost Parting the twilit woods .
  • varsity Taking the ball on its twenty-three yard stripe, the Varsity started a slashing drive, mixing straight line plays and end runs.
  • vase As I could not restrain my tears, and did not know how else to conceal them, I turned my back to him and pretended to arrange my hair at the pier-glass, before which stood a vase filled with the La France roses that he had brought me the day before.
  • vassal But the Emperor who succeeded Aurangzeb had none of their predecessors' greatness; and soon after Aurangzeb's death the Nizam of Hyderabad assumed independence, with the Nawab of the Carnatic as his vassal .
  • vast From the summit of the Cathedral or from the Keep of the Castle, the eye sweeps without interruption a vast prepossessing landscape, rich in wood and water and fertile valleys, over which the light and shade are ever gambolling, and the seasons spreading their variegated hues.
  • vest He fingered the document for a tense moment, and then arose to remove his coat and vest .
  • vesta You'll see when we reach Vesta ."
  • visa When you talked to Colonel Aksenov, what did he tell you when you asked him about the exit visa ?*
  • vise He saw himself Point de Vise but intolerably diminished.
  • visit Even now I hesitate to say no, and the only reason why I don't say yes, with a roar, is that certain rather serious drawbacks in the way of health of late seem to make me unfit for the various activities which such a visit ought to carry in its train.
  • vista In fact he was pleased with his morning's work for several reasons-pleased with himself, with Cleve Verney, and confident of gliding into the management of the Verney estates, and in great measure of the Verneys themselves; now seeing before him in the great and cloudy vista of his future, a new and gorgeous castle in the air.
  • waist A rich Eastern shawl encircled his waist , from the folds of which peeped the handles of a brace of pistols.
  • waste It is finally shrunk and drawn out into a somewhat elongated cone, with walls as thick as the rest of the tube, and when this is accomplished the end of the cone is sealed and the waste piece drawn off.
  • waster "Here, and I hope you'll have me; take me for what I'm worth- A chap that's a bit of a waster , come from the ends of the earth To fight with the best that's in him for the dear old land of his birth!"
  • Was The hand was incased in a glove of wrought gold covered with precious stones, among which was a large diamond of unusual value.
  • Saith And as the French book saith, there came forty knights to Sir Darras that were of his own kin, and they would have slain Sir Tristram and his two fellows, but Sir Darras would not suffer that, but kept them in prison, and meat and drink they had.
  • Wast "Because," interrupted the woodman, noticing her confusion, "because thee wast lookin' out for some 'un.
  • With Rowland vented his confusion in dealing a rap with his stick at the animal's unmelodious muzzle, and then rapidly left the house.
  • vases "How can you talk of your silly vases when Billie's lost!
  • VS Thus deth vs shewyth what thynge sholde vs suffyce And what is the ende of our curyosyte.
  • VARS What I did say was conventional enough-simply, "Why, how do you do," to his eager, "Hello, Miss Vars !" while I shook hands with him as he stood beneath me on the ground.
  • WASATCH The workmen laid tracks across the Wasatch on a bed of snow and ice, and one of the track-laying trains slid bodily, track and all, off the ice into a stream.
  • vaster The gaping drawers in the furniture showed empty, and from floor to ceiling sadness filled the little room that seemed to Rodolphe vaster than a desert.
  • Vassar Did you knoow that he has a daughter at Vassar ?

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